I was viewing my notes and got into this:

Then I remembered, these are my bloopers:

Posted on 07/11/2011:

Ya-ho                                         the internet search engine Yahoo
Western Nyor-Nyor                     WEstern Union
Fleerrrttt                                      Flirt
Ar-chives                                    Archives
electRownically                            electronically
red alert                                     menstruation
Nohtis                                       notice
Keep rate                                     kept rate
kaleydoscope                             kaleidoscope
feecture                                      picture
Rowland                                     Roland
Q: Foreign ba sya?
katkat: Hindi, British                So, magkaiba ayun?
meyaam                                   ma’am
page cannot be pound            Page cannot be found
angels and demons                 gargoyles
chinese tea                                chai latte
shuuggri-la                             shangri-la
weapon of mass descrochshon     weapon of mass destruction
ravver shus                               rubber shoes
noyn noyn noyn                             9-9-9
ayan..if you still have more to add, please feel free to message me..=)


  1. hahahha, ang cute ng mga bloopers mo

  2. how do you even use these words? hahaha


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