My Intention.

January 24, 2013
The Committee
Teach For the Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam;

Good day.

I saw #Teachforthephilippines on Twitter last night and my curiosity made me aware of your advocacy. I am writing today to express my intention without hesitation to be part of the Teach for the Philippines Fellowship.

My name is Meow Meow, 26 years old, a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physics and a Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Passer last 2007. As I read the qualifications for eligibility, I can’t help my excitement to apply and let you know that I can be one of the fellows for this great cause.

I strongly agree with your vision of providing every Filipino child a quality education. I came from a family who value education so much. I had seen my father’s sleepless nights and workaholic days just to fulfill his familial duties—a roof on our heads, food on our table and most importantly, a good education. He would always remind us that it’s the only thing they can give us. True enough, life has been better since we graduated and landed good jobs. Now, I know that it’s time to share the knowledge and be an inspiration to others to let not poverty hinder our dreams of achieving a better future.

It’s been almost five years now that I had been assisting my family financially. Now that my younger brother had graduated in college and my two other younger sisters are almost finished with their undergraduate studies, I realized that it is about time that I look after my dreams and passion--to be a Teacher.  I had been seeking pieces of advice from my parents, brothers and sisters, godparents and trusted friends about this career change that I am about to take, and I had always received a positive answer  and unending support, they are all happy saying that it’s about time I consider my personal goals. It is about time that I pursue my own passion. I love helping people, it doesn’t matter if they were able to thank me for that or not. As long as I know I had made a difference in their lives, I feel contented. What my resume cannot illustrate are the intangibles that set me part from other candidates. I have a tremendous love for children and place a high standard on learning. I possess a calm attitude and superb understanding of children's needs. Family and friends are surprised by how comfortable their children feel with me. If you are looking for a positive, personable and able to perform in a demanding environment, please consider my candidacy for the position.

My work experiences in the multi-national companies had taught me to be professional at work, dedicated, goal-oriented and to go an extra mile if necessary. Working in a demanding environment, I always make sure that I learn fast and do things right. Setting up high standards for integrity and workplace attitudes had always been my mantra. Being in a culturally-diversified workplace had taught me to be respectful of others and always see the goodness in other people.

While I am currently employed, I took an online course for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) which I had completed and received a passing grade just this month of January 2013. At this time, I am pursuing another certification under the same institution of International TEFL/TESOL Training (ITTT), the Certificate in Teaching of Young Learners. I had never stopped trying to learn and I always keep myself up to date with the trends in education for I know that someday, I will come to do what I had always love to do—be a Teacher. The training you will be providing as part of the fellowship before deployment will be beneficial to help the fellows become prepared in the teaching arena. It will refresh and add more skills to the qualified ones.

I know that there are other applicants who would like to be part of this humanitarian endeavor. At this moment, all I can show you is my sincerest request to be considered to the Fellowship. It will be my great pride and honor to initiate my teaching career under the wings of Teach for the Philippines Fellowship.

You can contact me at my email:, cellphone: 09220614859 and landline: 2 378 0193, anytime. I am available for interview as soon as you require of it.

I look forward to your outmost consideration and appreciation. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Meow Meow 


  1. good luck po sa naisin na ito. Ang kagustuhan na ibahagi ang nalalaman sa ibang tao na gutom sa dunog ay pinagpapala. Nawa ay ipagkaloob sayo ng kahilingang ito :)

    1. Yes Rix! Im in :) i received the notice last Feb 14. and it was the best valentine gift :) hehe

      Still a bit scared. A total change of lifestyle and environment, but i am closing my eyes and jumping to this. i know its for a good cause and it's what i had been praying for. salamat sa pagbisita :)

    2. wag mo ipikit ang mata mo. baka mabangga ka sige ka... keri na ang dilat ang mata kahit na makakita ka ng obstacle at least kaya mo iwasan... o iconnect mo yan sa sagot mo hihihi... just joking :)

    3. may point ka nga naman jan rix! haha.. kaso lang syempre kasi, 360 degrees shift to kumbaga, im moving out of my comfort zone na tlga...

    4. kung sabagay pero ok na rin yun. isang exciting adventure sa bangong horizon. Kung makalabas ka man sa comfort zone may comforter naman. Tiyars!

  2. ang ganda ng letter kaya naman pala pasok ka sa banga! alam na... ikaw na papagawain ko ng cover letter ko in the future

    1. hahaha.. anytime senyor, basta kaya kong ma-ideliver. go lang nang go! salamat sayo.. i am enjoying another side of me.

  3. Wow. So magaling ka pala sa Physics, wag ka magugulat kung one day ppunta ako sayo at magpapaturo ng mga momentum, free falling etc problems. haha!

    Good luck sa change of career path! Pero tingin ko effective ka magturo sa mga kiddos dahil sa iyong inviting aura. Naks! :D

    1. magugulat ka na lang din at titigan ko ang mga problems na yan.. ah eh tayo na lang kaya ang magtitigan? wrong move! magagalit sakin si senyor! haha.. THank you for dropping by and for wishing me well :)

      Effective ako magturo kapag yung mga students ko in grade 3, masosolve na ang derivation ng Laws of Motions at ng Relativity.. hihihi... praning lang... hahaha..

  4. wow! congrats po, Maam. pasok na pasok tong cover letter...makikita mo yung conviction ng aplikante.

  5. nagbabackread ako sa mga previous posts mo and I only have one thing to say...

    "magaling kang sumulat meow meow!" =)

    good luck to sa bagong landas mong tatahakin.

    following you now.


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