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Awesome August 2013

I love Fridays and I'm lovin' my kids more and more!

Yesterday, I had to call the attention of the little "girls at the back" for not listening during class discussion. As I arrived and dropped my things on the table, I received this note from one of them. I would have hugged them both, but I couldn't so I just smiled and reminded them of their promise.

Little by little, they are learning the value of learning, love and respect. 

It's a Fantastic Friday! (*insert #teacherkilig)

We learned about "pandiwa", spelled words with consonant blends, unscrambled letters to form words for parts of the body, learned about our Filipino ancestors and practiced subtraction with regrouping. I know it may be a lot to remember in one day for some of them.

Little by little, we are both lovin' learning while having fun.
Seeing them get busy as they do classroom jobs, go excited over "Good Job", "Magaling" and "Kaya Mo Yan!" stamps all over …

Happy Bearday all the way from Norway!

It's August 28, 2013 around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I am doing my afternoon routine of cleaning, reading and planning for tomorrow's class when my neighbor asked if I am expecting a package coz a delivery man was outside the gate and looking for our house. Then, I remembered, Ms. Gracie said that small package was due to arrive that day.

She said, it's just a small one but it's not!I even confirmed with the delivery man if it was the right package.

I hugged it, shook it, and I peeked into it. As if the gift is not for me! hahahaha.. I am just so excited. I cant contain my surprise and happiness......

Napatili ako sa sobrang kilig at galak nung mabuksan ko at makita ang isang huggable Tidibur! I feel so loved and special... :) :) :)
Confirmed! Thank you so much for this talaga. Napakasaya ko at sobrang nakakawala ng sakit at pagod makatanggap ng isang regalo.
Napaka-special nito.
Ms. Gracie, hindi pa man tayo nagkikita ng personal pero pinaramdam mo na sakin kung p…

What to Do. What to Do.

Akala ko late lang ulit mag-aannounce si mayor ng #walangpasok nung ika-23 ng Agosto. Mali ako, paggising ko ng alas-kwatro ng umaga, nabungaran ko ang text message ng Head Teacher, “May pasok na po tayo ngayon. See you all.”

Sinukluban yata ko ng katamaran at naghangad pa ko ng mas mahabang bakasyon.
Larga. Di ko dinala ang mga school gadgets ko. Di ko kasi inisip na papasok nga ang mga bata. Pagdating ko sa school, walo sa kanila ang pumasok! Aba, gusto talagang magkaron ng Certificate of Perfect Attendance for August 2013. Tignan natin kung sino sa kanila ang hindi aabsent sa mga nalalabing araw ng buwan.
What to do. What to do…
Naalala ko yung binigay na book ni Sir Jonathan, buti na lang hindi ko pa nagagamit. Balak ko kasing gamitin yun sa kanilang writing activity para sa 2nd grading period pero mas angkop na panahon ang araw na iyon para dun. Tulad ng orihinal na plano ni Sir Jo, babasahin ng guro ang bugtong at iguguhit ng bata ang sagot. Nakabuo sila ng kani-kanilang SINO …

Ayokong Tumanda

by Itchyworms

Rainy Thoughts

The rain hasn't stopped since Saturday. My prayer for a good weather last Saturday did not come true. It's ok though. I had a great day anyway.
It's felt good to catch up with my co-fellows in the office. Sharing our experience and stories with our kids—funny ones, heartbreaking and most of all, those that give us spark every now and then. Those stories that convince us that we really are doing something good. It felt good to celebrate a part of my birthday with these amazing people who had set aside far more promising job offers and decided to teach for two years. A few of us most likely will stay in service and stay in public schools as teachers, others as policy makers and others will move to other jobs.

We had always been asking one another as to what are our plans after this two year fellowship. My veteran co-teachers keep advising me to stay and apply for an item in the DepEd. Since I am a LET passer, getting an item in a school anywhere I choose will not be hard. I j…


My Wishlist

1. to receive a letter in the mail
2. a backpack 
3. a new playlist 
4. a trip to the zoo
5. a new wristwatch
6. climb a mountain this month
7. to write an article worth publishing
8. a dress sewn by mama
9. a divider
10. ref magnets and keychains from all over the world
11. to watch a concert or a play
12. no rain on Saturday, the 17th of August. 
13. a new bearbrick keychain set
14. Calvin and Hobbes
15. Peanut and Charlie Brown
16. a huggable bear stuff toy
17. a pillow
18. a mickey mouse earrings
19. a hello kitty mug
20. a pandora bracelet
21. a photoshoot (me  as the model, emo as in total darkness...hahahaha)
22. a new doll shoes
23. a lovelife (????)
24. an apple headset
25. a trip to Cambodia
26. a picnic 
27. a ton of happy thoughts

Hello August! Yay! This is my month! This is my year!

I couldn't ask for more. Lol. Yung nasa list lang.. hahaha.. Pag-isipan ko pa yung iba. Bwahahaha.

I gained the courage to change career.
I have a very supportive family.
I can read, laugh, and get inspired …