Series of Realizations on my First Year of Teaching in a Public School (Part 2)

WARNING: These are solely my thoughts and do not reflect that of others nor that of the organization I work with.

It is said that learning is influenced by two factors: Nature and Nurture. Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis said that all human beings were born a tabula rasa or a blank slate. And that one's personality traits are influenced by family dynamics. Nurture pertains to the environment they are exposed to particularly in their formative years of development.

One of the best mode of learning is modelling and parents should be very conscious on how they deal with their children and how they act around them. Learning by example or mimicking is one of the best and most effective way of learning. The home as the primary institution where learning occurs. Before the kids meet teachers they are with parents first.

It is parents' responsibility to ensure that the kids they bear and born will be assets to society. Irresponsible parenthood is a mortal sin. I wish there are laws against it not just for domestic violence, child abuse and labor. Because those three will never occur if they know how to properly raise a family. More than love, willingness and personal evaluations, is it possiblr to set standards or trainings on how to be a responsible parent?

I don't know, I, myself, am personally scared if I will be able to perform tasks of an ideal wife and mother in the future. I just wanna point out that before starting a family one must be emotionally and financially stable to build a home. If you're not sure, use protection! Or don't do it at all. Know what it takes and be ready for what lies ahead. The child or children do not deserve to be in a home of hardship, deprived of nourishment, full of violence and lack of attention.

We all deserve to be happy from the instance we were born. If you're thinking of becoming a parent and not sure if you can give your future family a secured home, stop right there. Manage your present life first and give yourself some time to be ready.

I've said a lot. I'm not even a parent. Not just yet. But please stop blaming teachers if your child cannot read! Stop blaming others. Stop and look at yourself. Are you being a good role model to your own child? Dear parents, you are the best teachers your child have. Not that one person whom they stay with for 6 hours, 5 days a week in a classroom.

Dear parents, you are the best teachers your child/children can ever get.
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  1. That is true, but sad to say, marami magulang ang nagkukulang. They make mistakes, tapos mga kids angnnagsuffer.
    Or the parents are just victims of circumstances like mine that we suffered much in our childhood days. Also my children. Anyway, That was past and we are happy now and thanks God for that.
    Good luck to you dear !

    1. Lahat naman po may pagkukulang, and lahat pwedeng maging biktima ng circumstance. Lahat din dumadaan sa paghihirap. The attitude and disposition of the parents are important factors na nakikita ng mga bata. You never gave up Mamijoy and now youre reaping the fruits of your labor :)

  2. Buti na lang hindi ako makakabuo ng pamilya. Unless mag-adopt ako. Or ma-rape ako. LOL

    For me, ang pagiging isang magulang, namamana din kasi. Kung ano sayo ang magulang mo, may chance na maging ganon ka din sa magiging anak mo.

    1. nyahahaha! natawa naman ako sa rape na yan LOL

      tomooh, kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga. sa mata ng bata, ang gawi ng matanda ay nagiging tama.

    2. nakakalerkey sa rape factor! hahaha... I told you to donate your sperm somewhere diba? kasi sayang ang genes mo at yang taba ng utak mo for creative writing..hihihihi...

      Kasi nga our parents are our best teachers, kung ano sila satin, yun ang gagayahin natin...

  3. As said, it is the HOME that serves as the first educational institution AND the PARENTS being the first teachers.

    Now that I am a parent and father, I see to it that Caleb is properly injected with the right values. Doing it in a gentle and caring way.

    The family determines the society of a nation. If a family displays responsibility over matter and people around them, it is expected that a society where they thrive also have the sense of security and respect.

    The only thing that bothers me is the overhype role of the media, somehow, it contributes to the thinking of the children of what's important in life. I'm not saying the media don't work for good BUT sometimes, it sends wrong signal to the young minds.

    I just hope that the younger generation would be wiser in choosing which one to retain in their mind. I hope that if the popular culture won't work for them that they won't buy it.

    Nice post Kat! :) :)

    1. We need more parents like you dadijay! Hehe.. Congratulations for thr babygirl on her way! :)

      Bad influenced are all around and cant be hidden. As long as the child is properly raised, aware of the good and moral, theyll make good decision on which to choose :)

  4. I remember this lines from Here Comes the Bride ni Angelika Panganiban (Nuod tayo Bride for rennnnt hahah naisingit eh)

    Misis! Can you briefly describe my job description? Let me rephrase, ano ba talaga ang trabaho ko dito? Can you state for the record that I am a nanny here and not a child psychiatrist!?

    Applicable yan sayo Kat! hahaha, tas inenglish mo pa yung mama at papa. Pero instead of nanny syempre teacher dapat.

    1. Tuesday Vargas diba? hehehe.. Panalo tong movie na to sakin! Bentang-benta at nakakgalit ang alindog ni Angelica! hahaha

      Yes, See you later, we will watch Bride for Rent :) :) :)

  5. nose bleed! anyway i do agree it all has to start at home, actually parents pa nga ung huge chunk ng learning ng mga bata kaya sila dapat ung humubog ng tama sa mga anaks nila

    1. hahaha... toinx, totoo yan.. kaya dapat magpractice ka na :D


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