Renewal and Direction

Today is Thursday.

Monday was Nganga Monday. Tsk.
Tuesday was Laundry (Colored) Tuesday.
Wednesday was Laundry (Whites) Wednesday.
(I had to do it that way because we have limited space and hangers)
Come Thursday, I need to do something to make it a Productive Thursday.

Earlier today, I had decided to renew my PRC license. Initially, I was thinking of doing it the Business Center of the nearest SM Mall, however since I had doubts about the status of how helpful they would be able to accommodate my concern, another thing was that I couldn’t find the affidavit of loss, I decided to just process the renewal at the PRC Main Office in Morayta. I read a few blogs about PRC Renewal Process and they said that if you lost your Professional Identification Card (PIC) and it’s still current, the bearer needs to provide an affidavit of loss. However, if it is expired and loss, no need to provide one. Or as long as you know your Registration Number, no need to provide an affidavit of loss. That applies to Current and Lost PIC. Good thing, I had mine written on my old planner.

The PRC Main office was just an FX-ride away. My real worry was that I had to walk and cross the bridge. Oh well, not that really, it was the scorching heat of the sun. I don’t usually bring umbrella too. But in this case, since I really get this over and done, I had to bring one to survive. Hurray to me, I did not lose it! Mama will be so proud of me!

I came in to the PRC Main Office at around 12 noon, knowing that I may have to wait for quite awhile, I made sure that I had lunch and brought a book with me.

PRC Renewal Process goes like this:

1.       Go to the Public Assistance Booth, that is just on the left side of the gate, tell the officer-in-charge you will renew your PIC.
2.       The OIC will give you a small piece of paper you have to fill out and attach a passport size ID picture with name tag. Paste in on the slip of paper and proceed to Window 15 on the 1st Floor of the PRC Main Building.
3.       Sit down and wait for your name to be called. Waiting could be around 30 minutes. So, read. Listen to music. Watch people. Do whatever you wanna do to let time pass by. Chill. Hehe..
4.       They will call your name and you have to go to Window 17. They will give you another paper with all the printed information and amount to be paid. Pay the amount indicated on Window 23.
Renewal Fee:    Php450
Surcharge:          Php 30.00
                Mine reached a total of Php 630.00 because of the months that were past expiration date, which was August 2013, they said that the fine was Php 20/month. The breakdown was not indicated. But I was thankful it was just that amount. Moving forward, I won’t let it happen again.

5.       After payment, sit down, continue what you were doing earlier and wait for your name to be called and proceed to the Wooden Counter for the releasing of your ID. Be prepared to show the receipt as a proof of payment and be with a pen to sign on their paper for the records.

They didn’t ask for my old PRC ID. I don't have it anyway. Lels

Roughly three hours of processing. I got it the same day. Not bad.

After the renovations are completed, I am confident that renewal process will be more convenient.

Doing it at any SM Center would entail additional Php 50 as Convenience Fee and Php 80 should you decide to have the ID delivered to your doorstep. Processing takes roughly three weeks as mentioned by a friend.

Since I still had time, I decided to go to Divisoria. I wanted to buy a new dress. Instead, I got myself siomai and hopia! Finally, Hopia to brighten up my day!

The Real Deal.

I was in the apartment for another reason, I told my father that I will be enrolling to continue my MA studies. But all of a sudden, I felt lost. I haven’t been to the university to do that. The deadline for enrolment was last  April 23rd.  While on the other university where I wished to transfer, submission of application forms ended last January 10. The application for the international scholarship I wish to apply will end on the 30th of April.

My days were usually spent on formulating plans on what to do after this two-year teaching contract. I’m still torn if I want to stay here in the country and be a public school teacher or find my fortune somewhere else, if I will be blessed enough to find greener pasture elsewhere. 

I haven’t talked to my father yet. I know he won’t get mad. But I’m afraid he would ask  for the money be back. Lol.

I haven’t made up my mind. I can't make up my mind. I don't know what to do. It's like I have a goal but I don't know how to accomplish it. 

All I want is to find a job that will enable me to provide for my family, be a Sunday School teacher and let me travel and explore the world.

Tomorrow's Friday. I still have a few days left before work resumes. To Bicol or Not to Bicol? Nuninuninuninuni....


  1. Thanks for the info regarding the PRC ID renewal process. I needed that for I might renew next month. :) I miss you babykat.

    1. Haynaku, miss you more :P miss ko na mga kabaliwan nyong lahat.. Hope youre all doing well..

  2. quarter life crisis much? can't relate to prc stuff, though naexperience ko yan nung may sinamahan. haha

    1. you think so too? Akala ko tapos na ko sa crisis na yun when i finally decided to be a teacher. pero eto nga, mukhang repeat performance ang lahat.

      Hindi talaga mabuti para sakin ang naiiwang mag-isa at nauubusan ng gagawin :(

  3. mabilis na pala ngayon ang pagre-renew ng lisensya...
    nung first time ko mag-renew, pinabalik pa ako, siguro depende rin sa dami ng tao o nagpapa-renew...

    at lagi akong natataon na ang daming tao sa PRC pag pumupunta ako, kaya paglabas ko sa PRC 'haggard' mode' na hahaha

    do what you want mam yccos :) God bless sa iyong mga plano :)

    1. Yep Cher Jep. Praying for God's guidance in every step :D :D :D Magboblog pa din ako kahit abroad na ko. Lels. Haha

  4. I feel u teacher Kat. Although, I might urge you to just not go and continue teaching here but let's face it, anywhere seems greener compared here.

    1. #hopeforthephilippines pa rin... *deep sigh*

  5. As much as I don't want to say this but teaching in PH or being a Sunday school teacher won't let you travel the world - professionally and financially :(

    Makabayan akong tao, mahal ko ang bansa ko kaya ang dalang kong mag-rant ng mga kinamumuhian ko dito sa Pinas. Kaya ang ginawa kong blog ay yung may positive vibes... ang haba na... but anyway I'm sure gets mo yung point ko Cher Kat...

    If you will ask me GET OUT... EXPLORE... CHASE your dreams and EARN MORE MONEY from somewhere else hanggat bata ka pa. You can help your self and your family better in that way. Just come back and help your dear country pag keri na ha ha

    Btw, laugh trip ako dun sa hopia and siomai instead of dress from Divisoria! ha ha ha

    1. that's what I had been praying for. always. May God grant my desires. I really hope. Pero if not, I know He has better plans.

      May nagustuhan na kong dress kaso hindi ko na mabalikan kasi naligaw na ko sa loob ng mall. Lels.. Ending, hopia at siomai na lang :D tapos uwian na..hehe


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