5 Questions from 101 Power Questions by James Lee Valentine

1.   Is my self-talk upbeat and positive or gloomy and negative?

It’s always upbeat and positive.
My mantra: “This too, shall pass.”

2.   What causes am I committed to in my life right now?

One, is with education, as a teacher in a public school, I would like to let the kids and the parents be more aware and involved in the academic development of the children in a public school setting.

Another one, personal growth, I am still trying to figure out my ways though. Still trying to figure out what I really want in my life.

I am committed to finding my own happiness. That kind of happiness that is not dependent on the tangible elements and other human beings.

     3.   Who am I?

My name is Katherine. A daughter, a sister, a child of God, a friend, a wannabe writer, a poor traveler and a teacher.

4.   Who do I want to be?

I want to be somebody who could help others without limitations. Helping others become independent and be more socially responsible.

I want to be a daughter who could shower my parents with many comforts they had missed while they were busy rearing us when we were young. I want to give them back all their sacrifices, all their love, though I know nothing that I have right now can ever equate to whatever they had given me.

I want to be a sister who could just always be with them when they need somebody to talk to about life and love. Supporting them in their plans and endeavors. Lending them a shoulder to cry on when all else fail. Cheering for them as they seize their dreams.

I want to be that friend whom you will not be afraid to be who you are. Drop words of sarcasm that would still sound sweet because you know that's my way of saying that we are so close.

I want to be that career woman—independent, a go-getter, quick thinker and always positive.  

I want to be that jetsetter—go around the world, travel and explore.

I want to be that teacher who could change a life of at least one student for the better.
I want to be that woman worthy of a man’s love. (Char!)

5.    Am I a creature of circumstance or am I a master of my own destiny?

I was born as product of circumstance. I didn’t get to choose who my parents could be. What kind of life I could have. However, I am given the opportunity to steer the future of the circumstance I am at. I am given the intellect, the chance to acquire the necessary skills and the avenue to meet the right people who could help me change the course of my life. So, I am both. 



  1. 'Katherine' pala buong first name mo? LOL! Ngayon ko lang nalaman.

    Kaso parang di bagay sa'yo. Parang mas okay kung 'Susana' o kaya 'Maribel'. *hahaha!* Biro lang Babykat. Labyu!

    In fairness, pwede ka na sa Q&A ng Miss U. *hihi*

    1. hahaha... ang meaning ng pangalan ko ay chastity/purity.. hihihihi... Bagay sakin diba? Diba? Diba? :P

      Eto man lang, ma-feel kong mag- Miss U! Lels.

    2. *hmmm* Parang anlayo. *hahahahaha*

    3. Oh well, wala tayong choice kundi pakabagayan ang aking pangalan :)

  2. Sumaside-view profile si Yccos.hehe.

    grabe, dedicated ka talaga sa pagtulong sa kapwa. baka pwede ring idagdag sa answer no. 4 ang isang taong magpapatayo ng foundation para sa mga kapus-palad? :)

    1. Haha.. Ganyan talaga :P

      Foundation? Hmmm.. Matagal ko nang pangarap yan.. Kaso di ko makitang feasible sya from my end. Siguro, I can tie up efforts with others.... :) :)

  3. Nice to meet you po Katherine ^__^
    Sabi ko na nga ba yan ung real name mo cher Kat eh XD (dati ko pa yan iniisip lol)

    I want to be that woman worthy of a man’s love. (Char!)
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Haha... Ang pangalan ko ay galing sa famous na Carpenters---- Peborit kasi sila nila mama at papa... :D

  4. ay dahil sa q and a na'to sa'yo na ang korona techer kat! hahaha

    akala ko sa feu fern ka nagtuturo dahil dun sa comment mo sa blog ko. lol

  5. nope. sobrang lapit lang ng bahay ko sa feu-fern kasi :) hihihi...

  6. "...That kind of happiness that is not dependent on the tangible elements and other human beings."

    Ang lalim nito cher Kat :) Pero damang-dama ko ang linyang ito.

    1. Haha... #ramdamnaramdam? Eh yun talaga.. Sana ma-reach natin yan in the long run :D :D

  7. Daming revelations and most of them were mine as well, except with the name, years past. Good luck to your endeavours. God will lead the way.


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