Random Rambling 090814


In school recently, I always get the question:

So, after this school year, where will you go? Will you still teach? 

My generic answer:

I still don't know. 

Even though the organization is paving the way for our careers after this stint, I can't help but still not know what the future will give me. And I had told myself to stop worrying for the now and just do what is expected of me with what I signed up for.

Daily struggle.

Every day is still a struggle to get up at 4 in the morning. I still extend the snooze every ten minutes and finally get up at usually around 4:20. Start with the morning routine of preparing breakfast and baon for school. One thing I had come to realize recently is the importance of regular intake of vitamins-- ascorbic acid and ferrous sulfate.

I am always honda.

I arrived in school usually around 6 in the morning. I've been trying to arrive as early as 5:30, but it only happens when my co-teacher is about to carpool me. She had been trying to fetch me every morning, texting me that she is already on her way, but really, there are really days that I just can't let go of my routine of being honda. It's just the second quarter, we still have around 7 months to go, so there's still a lot of time to break the habit. Hopefully, next time, I can say, I'm an earlybird.

I haven't been out a lot.

I was with a friend in an event and he asked why am I not posting pictures recently. I said, I haven't been out a lot. No out of towns. No parties. No galleries to go to. Just being home. Being a fulltime homebody during the weekends was something I thought I would never enjoy. But I do now. Of course, I still miss being home with my family and I miss my friends hanging out in my room.

To date or not to date.

I've re-activated my profile in an online dating site and I had received messages on meeting up and getting to know each other but I just can't seem to find the encouragement of going out on a date. Yes, I reply to messages, just messages. Meeting people from the online world is something not new to me. But lately, I just can't find the energy to go out and meet new people.



  1. That's right. Nakakastress din kaya kung masyado mong iniisip ang maaaring mangyari sa hinaharap.

    Paturo naman sa mga online dating sites na yan Yccos oh.hehe

    Saka yung prof pic mo pala, panalo.hehe >_<

    1. Sige! Ill pm you the site. Hahaha. Good luck sa hunt dun. Lol

      Masyado kong stressed kaya naghanap ako ng picture kong panalo. Lol. Salamat :) :)

  2. Ano yung 'honda'?

    If you get messages sa online dating site, it means may interested sayo. *hehe* What's the point of using it if hindi ka naman makikipag-date? Basta ba sagot nila ang gastos eh, gora na yan! :)

    1. Honda= on the dot.

      Sinapian kasi ko ng kung ano at mej maayos ang profile ko dun sa dating site. Lol. May nag take time to read naman. Wahahaha... Sa panahon ngayon, mej mahirap maghanap ng date na matino at yung sila lang magbabayad. Haha. Saklap.

    2. Ako na lang i-date mo. Pramis, ako ang magbabayad... Para sa sarili ko. *hahaha* KKB tayo. :P


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