2014 Yearend Post

I wasn't able to do a decent year-end post. The remaining days of 2014 got me pre-occupied most with not-so productive moments. Resting for most part of it since I had been sick the first few weeks of December. 

I stayed at my place for two consecutive days alone. I thought I will be able to clean but not really, all I did there was lie in my bed, either read or watch something on my laptop. I had planned to make year-end post in my head but the procrastinator in me prevailed until now, a few hours before we welcome 2015, I am collecting my thoughts about how 2014 had gone by. 

The year 2014 had been a year of many surprises. Not so many travels. Many deep realizations. Countless blessings. Getting used to solitude. Tough challenges. 

Topsy turvy.

Looking back to my posts for 2014 will activate a lot of emotions from ups and downs. Maybe that's just how equilibrium works. One can't just be happy at all times. One day, I am so happy, the next day, I feel discouraged. Then, come next day, I am back to the jolly old me. 

No matter how low I had felt, I always try to end things on a positive note. Sometimes, it feels like crazy. No matter how hopeful I am, I remind myself to keep grounded on reality because that's were my sanity is.

I try to remind myself that I should be fearless. However, there were those days that I let fear defeat my desires. For the opportunities I have missed, it was because I was scared. I didn't have much faith. I just give laziness as an excuse but truly, it was really because fear came first.

This blog had been an online diary of how my 2014 had gone. 

As 2014 comes to end, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the people who made my 2014 a rollercoaster ride. You had been part of it--physically or virtually, it doesnt matter. As long as you did, thank you. 

The start of the year usually is filled with plans. I ought not to make so many plans this time. For the meantime, I will continue what I am doing to make myself and the people I care for become better and better. 

Eliminating fear or not really, or mostly likely having much more faith that everything will fall in their right places is something I have to prioritize.


The first quarter of 2015 is critical.

Lord, I cast all my cares upon You. 


  1. Our lives are all ups and downs but the best thing is, we all survived! We should be thankful all the time and of which I struggle with. This year, I will look at the good things and continue to count my blessings. You wrote more than me since you had 75 while I had 61, meaning you had more to share so this 2015, more postings, more stories, more adventures!

    1. Yes, I hope to share more of everything :) Lalo na yung mga bagay na alam kong makakatulong sa iba.

      See you in Thailand!

  2. That is life is sll about. We learn to our hardship and lean on to God. At the same time there are blessings too. Wishing you all the best this year. Happy new year!

    1. All the best to you to MamiJoy :) To God be the glory in all we do!


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