Risking to Dream

It had always been my dream to be someone who reach out to many people and inspire others. But life had been so challenging that I had made so many wrong decisions in my life and sometimes I really feel that I am way behind my contemporaries and that I am not worthy to talk about how my life had been changed with the way I see things. There were times that envy would overpower my emotions and I would pity myself for being someone way below than I dream of myself. I thought earning a certain amount of money could help me erase that insecurity but it actually lead to deeper insecurities.

Signing up to be a Teaching Fellow was a very big risk—huge pay cut, moving out of a comfortable office, change of working hours and giving up comfortable travels and tours. It was a risk I am thankful I had been very brave enough to take. The two years had been crucial for it made me think of the most important aspects of my life.

Working for this organization helped me fulfill one of my dreams- that is to reach out to kids and make them realize that they can do a lot of things and that they can also dream big. Being with kids also made me dream that I am forever a child. Working with kids always makes me put myself in their shoes every time I try to plan things for them at the same time having a mature attitude on how to deal with mishaps in an out of the classroom.

Joseph the Dreamer is one of the Bible characters I had come to know at a very young age. He had inspired me in a lot of ways and actually made me want to dream of bigger dreams not just for myself, also for the people close to my heart. Just like him, I hope I can always face every unfortunate event with a positive attitude, putting my trust and my all into His Divine intervention.

Working for this organization made me dream BIGGER dreams. Through the people I have been working with, I come to realize that really, anything can happen as long as you have your eyes on the goal and if good working relationship and trust are built. Having a strong support system around had made me stronger and made me confident that I can always go for greater opportunities.

My dream of building a more comfortable house for my family is still there and if plans fall into places, we may even start the construction by 2015. My hopes of traveling around the country and the world never fades, I even have a list of which countries to go to first should I have the chance. Treat my family and friends to hearty meals and movie dates. Buy that bag and shoes without having to worry of the price. Give out gifts and books, tell stories to kids, teach them to sing and make them realize that education can really turn their lives around as long as they persevere.

Whenever I think of my ambitious goals, I am usually taken aback and afraid that I may not be able to reach it. Because I forget that I am not alone. I am surrounded with wonderful people and God is always there to lead the way. So, to not be afraid, I remind myself that God is there to lead my way and that along with me are amazing people to help me through.


  1. I admire you Kat! Kahit bata ka pa ay inspirasyon ka na for so many. You have a golden heart. Whatever you are doing right now, they are already great in the eyes of God. You will never know the outcome, but surely you are a blessing to many.
    I wish that all your dreams will come true and God bless you more:)
    Happy New Year.
    By the way, I am 52 and still dreaming:)

  2. I guess that's what makes you special Yccos. A dreamer, a person full of positive vibes and aura, despite the challenges. Hawaan mo nga ako minsan. hehe

    Happy New Year Yccos! Never stop dreaming. Things may not go the way we want them to be, but bear in mind that there will be something better stored for us. :)


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