The Seafarer has arrived!

Last Friday, 01.23.2015, me and Sep had finally met Froi Dencio of On My Own Sojourn. After many months of reading, exchanging ideas on each other's pages, we finally get to meet him in person and see that killer smile in real life. Just like the other OFW bloggers I have met, he was generous enough to give us pasalubong which I had been expecting because he told me he got me something from Barcelona. Hehehehe....

I had always loved seeing snowglobes. They are so cute! So thank you for this. It now sits on top of my worktable while the chocolates are not safe in my tummy :D 
Fridays usually a chill day for us in school. However, it was a different kind of Friday for me in school. We had to stay late to rush a paperwork, there was also a birthday treat by one of our teacher and we were served free lunch. I don't usually stay late in school. I always look forward to my afternoon nap. No nap happened that day. With the grading sheets on my mind, I just changed to clothes and grabbed my bag full of school stuff, hoping that I can still come earlier than them and finish a few things. That didn't happen as well.

Sep was already in the area when I arrived. Froi was running late because he had some personal errands to do. As for me and Sep, we did a lot of catching up! The last time we saw each other was during my post birthday celebration. All the plans of meeting before the end of 2014, never transpired. So there was really a lot stories to share. a lot of things had changed from the last time we talked and it's really great to see that him looking good. 

Froi arrived and he was already wearing that wide, beaming smile on his face. Politely introduced himself and shook our hands. Sat down and then there was non-stop talking from the three of us! We were both Bicolanos so there were really a lot of familiar things to talk about. From getting to know each other to random stuff, to naughty stuff. We got it all covered!

I never got to do the grades and the intervention sheet, but I had a great time with them! 

Froi's innocence had vanished. I hope not all. Hahahaha. I hope you didn't get traumatized getting to know us personally :P 

We didn't go home without souvenir photos and evidence! Haha.. Babysep, when will we ever get to see your photogenic face? Photo taken from Froi's blogpage. 
Meeting people in person from the blogworld is something I am always excited about. I have met some and still in contact with a few of them and are now friends no matter how miles we are from each other. There were also that even if we live on the same area, we hardly get the chance to catch up with each others' lives due to different priorities. Nevertheless, the internet, the blogs, the SMS had always been a good way to stay connected.

Til the next meetup! :)


  1. 'bagay' is the only word I can say. Nice to meet him here and will visit his blog soon.

    1. Ah ehhhh... hahaha.... itatago ko muna ang kilig ko! Ahihihihi.
      Pogi naman palang tunay tong si Froi :D Ngiti pa lang, ulam na! Haha... Chicboy. Pwede sa chic, pwede sa boy. Wahahaha

  2. Yeah, kitang-kita ko sa face mo kung gaano ka kasaya na ma-meet si Froi. lol

    It was great to finally see you again, Babykat. And Papa Froi too. That was a good day indeed. :)

    1. Hahaha. Ako lang ba talaga ang masaya sa meet up na ito? Lols.
      Sobrang saya to finally see you again Babysep. The year flew so fast! One day, we were a click just having fun, wasted and all. Now, we barely see each other! Hopefully when I get back to the south, eh mas mapadalas ang ating hangouts :)

  3. parang magkamukha yata kayo?:)
    anyway, nice to know that you had a wonderful time:)

    1. Parang mas pogi po sya kesa sakin :'( Hahahahha!

      As 2015 started, I had really anticipated that the first quarter will be full of stress and challenges for me, but still, with amazing friends around, i still manage to have a good time.


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