Nothing Else but Drafts

I am cleaning out the drafts on my page, as they pile up and up, I feel that I won't be able to complete them anymore. There is nothing else to write about it anymore. 

24 June 2014
I haven't stopped stalking on you. I know its not ok. I know its not right. And it has to stop. I dont know how to set myself free from all these mess I've made out of myself.

02 July 2014
Umuulan. Nagising ako sa ulan.
Kumukulog. Takot ako sa kulog.
Kumikidlat. Ang liwanag ng kidlat.

Takot ako sa malakas na ulan, kulog at kidlat.

13 August 2014
Finding my destiny.

I am excited. I am excited to know what would become of me 7-8 months from now. As the end of my contract is fast-approaching, career counseling, personality tests and leadership seminars are being spearheaded for our batch.

As per Myers-Briggs Test Inventory (MBTI), my career personality type falls under Extrovert-iNtuitive-Thinking-Judging (ENTJ).

28 August 2015
7:48 PM
 It was holiday, yet it felt like it was just declared holiday so that teachers like me could catch up with the administrative requirements of this job.

I stayed overnight with my family, however, I felt the urge to go home early because I still have a lot papers to finish and forms to fill-out. #ihatedoing

22 September 2014
 I had just finished watching an episode of Drop Dead Diva Season 4 kung saan ang....

04 November 2014
It had been awhile that I had gone on a real date. Goin into one right now seems a bit uneasy and a bit awkward. What do I do? How do I act? What do we talk about? 

05 November 2014
I'm a complainer. I complain about a lot of things.

I'm a complainer. A constant complainer at that. Especially about the hot weather we have.

11 January 2015
All in all, talking to him made me doubt my capabilities.
Am I really trying to put myself in a place that I am not fit in?

03 March 2015
Facebook has become a platform for some to achieve that Self Entitlement of...

01 April 2015
cinderella was scared to meet the prince

I have no carriage, I am no....

04 April 2015
I suffer so much. Heavy breathing, endless sneezing, teary eyes and runny nose.

06 May 2015
Naayos ko na yung itinerary ko. BIR --> Philhealth --> Landmark --> Uwi. Ganyan lang talaga dapat. 

19 May 2015
I want to write about......

1. My struggles as an Open Univ student
2. Celia Veloso and the countless comments about her and her daughter
3. The beliefs and practices when a family member is dead
4. Why I don't care about MayPac boxing match which the whole world is anticipating later today.
5. A person asking if a certain person and I are together, I later found out that that person was an "ex" of the friend.

02 June 2015
Gusto kong magsulat tungkol sayo. Gusto kong ikwento kung paano kong kiligin kapag kausap kita. Kung paano kitang gustong harutin paminsan-minsan. Kung gaano kalungkot ng araw ko kapag hindi kita nakakausap. Kung gaano ako katakot itanong sayo nang derechahan kung ano ba talagang meron tayo.

03 June 2015
I always say that if there's one thing I got from you, it must be your determination or as mama calls it, "tigas ng ulo". It had became a family joke eventually, that my being stubborn, I got it from you.

You showed me about tough love. You taught me through tough love.

18 June 2015
I thought I was the only one having a hard time getting old until I've read somewhere online about Lady Gaga having the same agony in life. How good it felt to realize that I am not alone on this dilemma. I am not alone, right?

19 June 2015
Like and Love aren’t even spelled out the same. Moving forward, I'm just gonna keep putting that love out there as I wait for my prayer to be fulfilled in God's most amazing way. 


  1. Oks lang yan Cher Kat, drafts today, still drafts tomorrow, ha,ha,ha. You would not believe me if I tell you that in my draft folder, I have 11 completed entries but I am not posting them yet. I read, re read, and review them so often I just don't like to post them anymore. Regarding your drafts, I am interested with July 2 as it can be done metaphorically. Interesting as well was the Finding My Destiny about ENTJ. Not only we need to be inspired to write, we also need to learn how to focus. :)

    1. I knew it! That portion will get attention. As far as I can remember, I was trying to pattern it from a narration of a story pero hindi ko na na nga magawa kasi nagiging personal masyado at dahil nga nakita kong may ka-holding hands syang iba, eh mas minabuti ko na ding hindi na lang tapusin. Wala na kong inspirasyon.

      ENTJ--the result of my MBTI test given by the prev organization. As I try to remember the career counseling session with two of the strongest ladies in the country, they promised great things and possibilities connected to this personality type. For now, I can't see it in me. I'll try to find that MBTI result and post a summary about it. It's somewhere in my email :)

      Admittedly, focus is something I have difficulty working on. I easily get swayed, I easily get bored and a bit impatient.

      Post it Cher Jo! Every story you share is worth-reading and contemplating upon :)

  2. Sobrang na-curios ako! Parang blind item tong post mo.

    1. Babysep!! If I had completed the entry, it would really appear as a blind item and I was trying to figure out a way how not to make it look that way that's why I had to stop and that's it, I was never able to complete it. It would have been my first attempt to write a fiction story in Filipino though hindi naman sya original na theme.

  3. You're not along in having a hard time getting old. Ako, ayoko talagang maging old :(.

    1. hahaha.. ang hirap umaktong matanda, mas madali yung maging reasonable sa mga bagay-bagay.

  4. I have read everything in this post, but after reading them all, I couldn't get my mind off on the first draft. Nacurious tuloy ako. Makes me want to stalk that person too. Hahaha.

  5. I also complaint A LOT of our mala "gates of hell" weather. Yung aalis ka ng bahay, ang ayos at bango mo... otw to the work, wala na.. wrecking ball na ng itsura :D

    As for stalking, guilty din hahaha tapos mag rereklamo... masasaktan bwahahaha

    Facebook... I share the same opinion .. amen na lang haha


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