That Rainy Thursday

“Kat, thank you ha.”
I was confused.
“Ha, bat ka nagte-thank you? Eh kinumusta ko lang naman ang demo nyo? Gusto ko rin sana mag-stay kaso I promised na papasok ako ng half-day.”
I told her, as I am about to close the call.
“Thank you kasi andami mong naitulong sa mga classmates natin. Tsaka, naiinspire kasi ako sayo. Nakakatuwa kang kasama at natututo kami sayo.”
“Nye, wala yun. The least I can do. Mas masaya kasi kapag magkakasama pa rin tayo til the last step.”
I said.
“Sige, ba-bye na. See you this coming weekend!”
*End button* pressed.

I smiled. This conversation had been something I will always remember.

It was rainy Thursday. The video demo-teaching was pushed and we all have to go to the agency for the taping. After the exam that Sunday, I had the Monday-Wednesday to prepare for this next step. I promised one of my classmates that I will help her with her demo piece. I was asking her all sorts of questions about how she wants her topic to be executed but she never seem to have an idea. So, instead of feeding her information and my style, I sent her an online link of video samples of demo pieces. She was ecstatic! She kept on thanking me thereafter. I told her it was just a sample. There are still a lot of things to be improved on the execution and she can definitely look into it and apply it on her own demo piece come Thursday.

Thursday came and since it was rainy, I decided that I’ll just change outfit at the agency so that I wont look like “basang sisiw” on camera. My plan was to volunteer to be the first one to do the video demo since I still have to travel back to work from Manila to BGC. I was the first one to complete the demo but I wasn't the first one they taped that day. There were two applicants in line before me, but they still seem unprepared so I asked Mr. Cameraman if I can step in and have my demo recorded. To which, he asked if I am really sure of, coz if not, I’d rather practice off-cam and just let them know when I am ready.

I said, “Ok na po ako.”

The first attempt was not successful. After introducing myself in Nihonggo, I stopped, waiting for a signal from the cameraman. Only to realize that I should have proceeded to the lesson right after. We both laughed at my cluelessness. I promised that the next attempt will be better. And so, the longest 5 minutes of my life happened.  

I had to leave shortly after my turn. I was thinking of staying since it will be hard to travel and anyway, I was already absent for half a day, might as well make it a whole day. But duty calls and I have to leave.

I called her after my class that afternoon, asking how their demos had gone. She happily told me that all of them were completed with single takes. Good job!

Then, as I was about to end the call, she said those words of thanks.

We never really get the chance to talk much in class. I sit on the other side of the room with my own circle while she has her own click. Until that day we had decided to have milk tea after class at the nearest shop. We talked. We chatted. We shared stories.  We are connected by our hopes of greener pastures, passion for teaching and kikay stuff.

It is an inner wish of me that I wish I can inspire some people. Maybe that day was one of those few moments and so I am writing about it. I am writing it to remind myself that at one point in my life, I inspired someone though I can’t still figure out how. I’ll just leave it that way.


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