Stay Happy. It's a Choice.

I had it all planned out it my head. One day, I will go to Calaruega alone. Today, I finally did. The plan: Calaruega > Mahogany > Filibeans > Homebound.

I packed my bag and since it’s a thrift trip, I brought food and water. The only only splurge I had prepared for is for coffee at the later part of the day.

Grab that backpack and then explore :) 

I went to Calaruega so I can take a short break from everything. I took with me some pieces of the conversation I had with a friend that previous night.

“Go ahead and find yourself then.”
“You’re just too wise to be outwitted, thus makes you lonely in the process.”
“Be stupid.”
“It’s the expectation that hurts a lot.”
“Make them less attractive than they really are.”

“Stay happy, Kat. It’s choice.” 

I arrived in Calaruega at exactly 12noon. I was hoping to see a wedding, but none was probably booked for the day. At the entrance, I was given a map of the place after paying the entrance fee of Php30.00. 

I took a tour of the place twice. The first one, all for the efforts of savoring the view, listening to the chirping of the birds, finding a place just to sit, taking my time to be silent. The second was for taking photos and other possible things to do while in the vicinity. 

I plan to tell my mama to have these kinds of ornamental plants at home. They really look nice in a garden. 
I had taken very, very few photos. Almost everyone who were visiting the place were holding their phones and cameras to take pictures of everything and almost everyone. Also, this trip made me realize the importance of monopods. Haha. Too late but heck, I am going back to this place with a more cheerful heart and with my family.



Hello Calaruega. Thank you for receiving me. 

Taking this one took so much effort. LOL. Good thing there's a good secluded spot where I had just mounted my phone on a small bush and set the time, positioned myself, then pose. Boom! The #dorafeels

I decided not to go to Mahogany anymore. I wasn’t really craving so much for bulalo anyway. But I wanted to try filibeans and see that view. I sat there for more than an hour. Making deep sighs, replying to some messages then just staring at the view in front of me. 

I also did a few people-watching. I noticed that people had become so conscious about how they look like in the pictures and not with the fantastic view in front of them. I’m guilty of that as well. What happened to the real art of photography? It had become a full evolution of narcissism. That’s for another round of discussion.                                   
This view in an airconditioned space, Oh my. I can stay here for hours! Their blueberry tart is yummy. Perfect for the Tres Lolas Coffee I ordered. 

It probably had been there for many years, but I just recently discovered its existence when I checked out places to go to in Tagaytay recently. Located at the back of Leslie's, it's the go to place of people who wants tea or coffee after a heavy meal or in preparation for a long drive. Also, the spot has a perfect view deck of the famous Taal Volcano. So, it's also fun to see people doing all sorts of poses for their photos. 

I have seen you many times but you still bring the same feeling of tranquility and relaxation every time I look at you. Mother Nature, you are truly amazing!

Four o’clock. It’s time to go home. Eight o’clock, I’m home.

There wasn't much of adventure in it. It was a silent treatment I badly needed. A breath of fresh air. Thank you Calaruega, I’ll be coming back for sure.