Great Timing

I received this as a birthday gift a few years back from my bekifriends. My birthday is midyear and they seem to know that I love fancy notebooks and writing. I usually have a Starbucks planner every year, I really haven't thought of making the most out of this until I flipped on it today.

On 2017, I will start scribbling on this one, I swear! For in 2017, I will start one great adventure of my life. This notebook wont contain my daily activities, but on it, I will write what ever it asks me to do so, like my favorite movies, songs I love to sing along with, how I feel, photos, scribbles and just anything the page asks me to. I will put dates on it and it will be a good one to lookback a few years after.

I had accepted the fact that I would need to break my own declared tradition of Starbucks planner to make way for something different. As they have said, change has come.

Hmmm.... I still need to look for a good handy daily planner.

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  1. I like the openers, it tells me what I should be doing as the year progresses. Though I don't have a journal of sort, I could probably make them through my blog. Then a review of the year will sum up as to what I have accomplished in 2017. In other words, pakopya!


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