A Starter Kit

Today, I started the initials of packing up for my upcoming career move. It's not easy. Trimming down the list of items as essentials to put in the luggage is not as easy as I thought I am just going for a backpacking spree somewhere.

First off what the choice of luggage itself. My younger sister sponsored the purchase. How blessed could I get :) She chose a very expensive one for the fear of "laglag-bala" but I opted for a Buy 1 Take 1 one of a good brand and hoping that such fiasco wont victimize me. I pray. I have faith.

Figuring out the wardrobe is next. Well, I had done an initial sorting first week of December, it took almost two boxes, then, I did another one on the third week of December, disregarding another 2/3 of what I had initially sorted.

I already have a list prepared but never really refreshed it until today. Had to cross a few and add a few more. Meds. My antihistamines wont be here until January 9. Then, the rest are OTCs. Food. I haven't really given it much thought. Aside from the Lucky Me Pancit Canton, corned beef and coffee, I haven't really given it much thought yet at the moment.

I guess, finally this is it?

Fitting in everything in a medium and small sizes of luggages is quite a challenge. Life comes to weight around 30-40 kgs. That's not so much given the many things that had happened in my life which had me who I am today. It's a decision-making moment in one's life, weighing in what's important and essentials.

It's like a starter kit for a new life in a foreign land.

Two more weeks to go and a new chapter awaits. This time, in a more exciting place. I can't wait to see how life will unfold and what miracles God will show me in there.