Wednesday Off

Wednesday is almost over and I am so looking forward to my favorite Thursday.

I stopped going to the Wednesday Japanese conversation class until further notice.

Work has been unimaginably stressful and demanding, but hell yeah, bring it on. I am so looking forward to the busy days ahead.

I went to the library today and did "self-study" but really, I feel asleep in the middle of reading.

Highlight of the day will be the completion of the collab song I have with a friend in the US. Though I wasnt really satisfied, he said that it was a good one for an amateur like me. A consolation. When he sent me the file and I started listening to it, I can't believe it was me. Haha.

We are up for more projects he said!

Then, ended the day with onsen with my hakado no tomodachi Tita G.

Work clothes for tomorrow (check)
Cleaning (check)
Laundry (wait)
Lunch box (wait)

All I know is, tomorrow will be a busy day.

365 QOTD:
How many pushups can you do?

Next question please!  I can do 5 to 7 pushups in one swing.


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