Meow turns 31

It's August 17th, 2017, my first birthday in Japan, I planned to just get stuck at the library and study.

That didn't happen.

From a birthday surprise on the eve of August 16th, by my new Japanese friends. My heart was already beaming with gratefulness for a wonderful surprise.

Before that, I got the Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers I wanted courtesy of a friend from the US, on top of a Bulova wristwatch that is also on it's way. That's more than enough actually. Then, the book I ordered came 3 weeks earlier than expected! I told myself, I am already receiving more than I asked for, and it's too much to ask for something more.

Seventeenth came and I spent breakfast with Tita G at McDo. Then, as promised, I am supposed to cook something for the team in school. Easy-peasy. Then I can go back to my books. I thought, but I was wrong.

My MiyazakiGirlfriends asked what I plan to do and if we can hang out, I said, yeah, we can stay at my house. But they had other plans......

We went to this famous park and did a lot of picture-taking! I really didn't care that I was wearing a dress and a wedge sandals. As long as we were all having fun. At 5pm, we were on our way home and the kids were hungry, so we dropped by at KFC to eat. L left, said that she has to go somewhere and when she came back, she was holding a box of cake, lit up the candle, sang the birthday song, asked for me to make a wish then blow off the candlelight. I thought, I wouldn't have a cake this year. I told myself that at least I will buy myself flowers but I didn't have the time. I had also settled to the idea that I got no birthday cake this year. At least that saves me from getting more calories. As long as the important people in my life remembers, it is more than enough.


Dinner came and Tita G said she prepared something and will be bringing some food! With Ms. E's speech about the Sapporo beer, it was a total laugh! It was a simple feast with the people I had gotten use to calling my family in here. It was wonderful.

The birthday wish.

I guess it is human nature to be not contented or is it just me? I feel so loved today but I am still wishing for that one person to remember me and my day. But the day is almost over and not a sign of remembrance, I wished for him to remember and to stay. Maybe, I should have just got stuck to that usual birthday wish of good health, loving family and friends, success in career and for "the one" to arrive. I should have just stuck to that and not wished for him. But I wished for him.


  1. Happy Birthday! The last paragraph struck me. I have the same wish on my upcoming birthday.

  2. Muli, maligayang kaarawan cher Kat!
    Kabog talaga yang OOTD mo :)


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