What was the last gift you gave?

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What was the last gift you gave?

I think, it was a cash gift for my youngest sister to upgrade her laptop. I forgot for what but it's something related to making it better for rendering images for her school projects.

I've watched the latest movie craze in Manila, Kita Kita. Shot in Sapporo, Japan. So much feels about the movie. I ought to write something like their 1-10 in the movie.

After drinking a glass of wine tonight, I cried again, scolding my boyfriend from the distant future as to what's taking him so long to appear it my life, crazy eh?

There is typhoon coming and I can't help but worry.

My student checked my Japanese diary entry earlier today and he said, it was quite impressive. Coming from a Japanese, I am quite reluctant to accept such praise, but I would rather take the benefit of doubt that he is telling the truth. Either way, I am proud of my work. It took me an hour to write such.


  1. Ang huli kong nabigay ay cash gift din dun sa anak ng aming kaibigan (at nakikisagot ako sa QOTD mo hehehe).

    Buti ka pa napanuod mo na cher, patok na patok yan dito!

    Tc! :)

    1. Hahaha.. Go lang sa pagsagot ;)
      May mga araw na gusto ko na lang umuwi ng bahay at magsagot ng QOTD.


  2. What was the last gift I gave? Nothing spectacular but I bought some bowls of noodles for the school's workers as everyone was hungry, including me. Their smiles were worth the gesture.

    You should be proud of yourself that you could do a diary in another language. Asked me whether I could read here, nope is the big answer. So that is one great thing you can already do.

    And to reprimand your future bf, hmmm, how do you do that? I feel you, not for the bf thing, but the loneliness that is creeping being away from home. Please remind yourself that we love you.

    Ingat po.

    1. Isa pa lang naman din ang entry ko. Hahaha. Pero Im pushing myself to do more!

  3. Ang huling regalo na naibigay ko ay ang presensya ko. Charot lang hahaha


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