How old do you feel?

365 QOTD

How old do you feel?

I feel old yet I feel young.
I am caught in between the freedom brought by being single and that urge to be with someone. Most of my friends, at my age are already married and are already parents or on the way to being parents.

Had I not been working on papers for my own schooling, I probably would be sulking and stalking whoever online until I fall asleep, or would be reading not-so-helpful stuff online, worst, I probably would be reading articles about Duterte and posting tons of hate posts about him and his stupid fandom.

It is National Holiday in Japan today but we got work from 9am-6pm. Not a bad schedule, today was one of those days that I felt like a normal employee like before. I was able to get out of the office just about when the sun is about to set. Felt good.

After work, as promised, I met with my Japanese friends who offered to either pay me small amount of money per hour or dinner for an English conversation, of course, I chose the moolah! Hahahaha! It will be additional emergency funds and/or funds for pasalubong for family when I get back home. I have no idea how these kind of things operate but I am happy to be able to chat with them. Most of the time, they know the words to use but just very hesitant to speak. I actually don't have to teach them anything, they know how to use the language, it's just the lack of confidence that really hinders them. With this type of conversation, I get to learn about the culture, the people around me and expands my network as well.

After that, impulsive shopping strikes in again. I dropped by at Maxvalu for rice and other food supply. Hopefully enough to get me through the week.

My brain really starts working at late nights and very early mornings. Like tonight, I started on my paper at around 11pm and just finished a few minutes ago. I feel very exhausted though I haven't done much physical activities.

Tita was very, very kind enough to check on my paper before I submit it this coming Friday. She even asked for the transcriptions of the data for the other two papers coz she is in the mainland for training and would have internet access so we can talk about my papers.


So much stuff to do and so many things to read. Goodnight for now!

My fave drink at the cafe- ginger ale :)