My life would have been easier ___________.

365 QOTD
My life would have been easier ___________.

If I only have one point of interest in my life. It will be easy to focus on what to do and prioritize. But that is not my kind of life.

I didn't get to update my critique paper this morning after discovering that my fridge wasn't working. Had to call the service center who had to put me on hold for a many times coz the person on the other line is afraid that we may have an understanding. Though even before that, I had prepared the few Japanese words I anticipated to use for the conversation. Oh well, at least they were able to confirm that they will have the ref replaced on Sunday morning, all good still.

I finally figured out which book to use for the basis of how my 2 case studies will be designed. So, yeah, more reading days and nights to come.

My friend invited me to a ballroom tutorial session on Sunday night, oh well, that's is how I roll now, I go dancing. LOL.

News from home are all FU and there is this guy FB friend who would only comment whenever I say something against his almighty president. I didn't even put anything offensive on my post, but he would always comment with SMH and hostility. Whatever happened to Unfollow Button if you don't wanna see my post or Unfriend if he really is affected by my shits in life. But of course, I will not even retaliate or show any evidence that I give a damn. Coz, I really don't. BURN. HUBRIS.


  1. I saw that comment and even went to see his page. To each his own, we are entitled to our own comments. Besides, we are all from the same country so fighting is actually not necessary.

    Ballroom dancing, that would be something different. All you learn probably would be Japanese words related to dance movement, ha,ha,ha. Anyway, be happy and enjoy.

    Good luck with your readings. Have a great Sunday!


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