The last doctor's appointment you made was because _____________________.

365 QOTD
The last doctor's appointment you made was because _____________________.

It was because I needed to get medical clearance after I arrived here in Miyazaki as part of my employment pre-requisite. 

Woke up at 7am as expected and was able to transcribe a 15-minute close reading video that I chose for my reading critique paper. Though I still don't know where I will start with it, I am getting started somewhere. Little step. Little steps. 

Work was quite alright. The boss was a bit understanding knowing that I am reading school materials while at work. 

My front tooth jacket needs to be checked by a dentist. It is becoming annoyingly painful and I am not sure how long will I be able to put it off my schedule. I have a very low tolerance of pain.

I started reaching out to my classmates through Moddle App how I we would get through one of the 2 subjects that we have this semester. Everything is a blur and I am really swimming in some kind of quicksand and if I just keep moving without direction, I might just drown myself.  I felt relieved that they are responsive and that is quite a consolation to know that not only me is having a hard time with everything that is happening with that subject. 

I cooked dinner. Apparently, I missed moving around the kitchen. I haven't done my grocery for the week yet, but I am hoping to get it done by Thursday. 

I bought two books by Carl Sagan via amazondotjp coz, they are way, way cheaper that I had ever imagined, secondhand books are cheaper and usually, full of surprises ;) I had to think deep if I want to buy the Viktor Frankl book, Man's Search for Meaning, too. Hahahaha. With all the modules and additional readings I had to do for acads, I can't imagine how would I even start reading these books for pleasure! 

I repotted my little cacti family and they are now sitting prettily in my little study table. My brother suggested that I also look for a bonsai'd mother-in-law-tongue plant that I can include in my collection.

Hmm.. I really am getting old. I am starting to like plants, cooking and groceries. 


  1. The last doctor's appointment you made was because _______.
    ...dahil nagkaroon ako ng fungal infection sa tenga (otomycosis).

    Sa dami rin ng gawain ngayon, di na talaga ako makapagbasa ng libro... hay, sana ma-enjoy ko naman ang mga books ko dito soon... more power and God bless cher Kat! :)


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