What are three things you have to do tomorrow?

365 QOTD

What are three things you have to do tomorrow?

1. Be awesome.
2. Be good.
3. Set the bar high.


I tried to get up early today and tried studying before going to work. Seems good to me. So I will do the same tomorrow. But not for studying but for reading. Hehehe.

I checked on 2018 planners at Tsutaya and I actually liked one but held off buying until the 23rd so I can visit Desaki for a discount. Though I am actually expecting to get a Starbucks  planner back home, I might just give it to my sister.

I also checked on a fountain pen for Papa.One thing we both share is the fondness for good writing pens. That's why, I hoarded a few .28 Uni pens as well in Donki.

Much as I wanted not to panic as I haven't packed my bags yet, the contents kept accumulating and now I am more lost as to how I will put it all inside the suitcase. My suitcase when I left for Japan was fixed by my yougest sister. I hope she can do the same for this one too. Lol.

The Murakami book has arrived and I couldbt be more than excited to start reading it but I am reserving it for my trip to PH (happy) Amazon is such a haven of books.

Happy Monday it has been. Then, tomorrow is another Thankful Tuesday. Let it roll.


  1. What are three things you have to do tomorrow?

    1. I-meeting ang mga bagets para sa kanilang Christmas party sa huwebes.
    2. Magbayad ng internet bill.
    3. Mag-relax (magbasa sana hahaha).

    Kelan ang uwi mo cher?

    1. December 26 ng gabi. Magkikita kami ni Cher Jo ng DEcember 27. Sama ka!

  2. Tomorrow, I need to:

    1. Sober up. Coz i might get drunk tonight.

    2. Sit down and set again new set of goals that i will not achieve for the nth time.

    3. Try to be positive.

    4. Look for plane ticket and make plans for vacation in the Philippines with Kat in August 2018. :-)

    1. Hahaha. My being sober will start in 2018! LOL.
      THe heck with not achieving, just ink it for now.
      And I do look forward to that August 2018 plan. Kulayan na natin yan!


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