What are you passionate about?

365 QOTD

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about knowing people's passions.
I am passionate about letting people know that they are great and should not be sorry about being who they are.
I am passionate about learning.
I am passionate about stories of success, redemption, forgiveness, sharing, love, family, gratefulness.


Every day is Countdown Day

So this is how it feels when things seem to fall into place. all the necessary papers I need for my short homecoming is fixed. Tickets purchased. Bags not yet packed (?). Giveaways not yet complete.

Today, my sister sent me a dinner table picture with everyone in it, Papa is even smiling! A rare treat, should I say. My little pet cat, Jude, is also on the side sneaking on the bag of catfood. Insert me and my two older brothers, our family is complete.

This week had been calm and peaceful with not so much downtimes.

I got back to Japanese conversation classes for realsssssss!

I also had a chance to get to know a few more people that are pasisonate at what they do.

I got to visit Takachiho.

So many things and people to remind me that, if someone throws your love away, it will always come back to you hundredfolds.

In my deathbed, I would like to be remembered as someone who keeps counting her blessings, no matter how small and insignifcant it may be.

Thank you Universe and the stars for aligning with me.
Ultimately, thank you God for the gift of family, friends and salvation.


  1. Sobrang nakaka-inspire ma-meet ang mga passionate na tao :)
    Minsan, wini-wish ko na sana dumating yung araw na wala na akong ibang gagawin kung hindi yung bagay na gustong-gusto kong gawin, nang sa gayon ay di na ako makararamdam ng pagod, di na makapagsasayang ng oras; purong pag-aalay na lang ng oras, lakas, talino at husay para sa isang gawaing nakakabuhay ng literal, personal, nakatutulong sa iba at sa marami pang iba :)
    God bless cher Kat!


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