What's weird about today?

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What's weird about today?

Weird today? Maybe...... that I got way more "maldita" than normal.

You know that type of person who only remembers you when they need something from you? Not even an intro of "Hi!" or "How are you?" to start the conversation. I was literally irritated that before I answered the question, I told the person that maybe next time he might want to include an introduction to his message first, a simple greeting at least. Then, I seenzoned his next messages.

Also, I tried to use my softskills with another person in terms of skills improvement.

From that bratty level then switch to angelic level. UGH. No wonder, my moodswings are over the edge.

Weird, right?


Today was quite normal. Tried to be "more" productive at work.

I also had my first teaching session for TOEIC Class, where I learned a new word:

明らか (な-adj)-- evident, obvious, plain

There is this part of the exam about photographs and one part of the test is looking into what is "obvious" in the picture. So, I had to dig into the word so I can explain it to my student. And I think, it will be one word that I will get to use often in the future.

Did a few backreading on my personal blog and it was just amazing to look back. My favorites were the stories I had during my teaching days in the public school. Nothing beats the realizations I had made during those days.

I got a copy of the novel Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan. And I intend to get a book copy when I get back home. I was thinking of rewarding myself a book purchase in Amazon.jp today but I hold off the thought since I am working on "delayed gratification" strategies for my goals moving forward.

I will need to write my 2017 yearend post before I fly back to PH because for sure, I will not have much time and energy when I get there.

I am not looking forward to the trips but I am more excited to just stay at home and annoy my siblings, eat home-cooked meals, go to Starbucks and collect stickers for my 2018 planner, and bum with our cats and my uncle's new ugly dog.

How's my heart? It will be okay. It had never stopped beating in anyway. I miss hanging out at my favorite place though. One day, I will gain the courage to walk that door and sit at my little nook and be "that girl" once again. I miss being invincible, a mere observer, a zero.


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