Just Another "Short" Story

He said he's back.

I replied, "Okay."

In my head, I would have said one or two or all of the following:

"Says who?"
"Until when do you plan on letting me feel you exist?"
"I don't believe you."
"Oh crap, you must be so lonely to think of wasting time on me."
"I would like to see if your balls have really grown enough for you to be called a man."
(Credits to Mr. Tripster for this idea.)

We met five years ago. I wrote a story about him, too. About that one-sided story. While he spent time with me, he was also courting somebody else proximity-wise, closer to him. He was just in PH for vacation then. I was a mere acquaintance kind enough (stupid enough) to show him around to places around metro. But before that, we had spent quite a long time talking online-- the dangers of sweet talks, unclear notions and un-clarified intentions.

"Guard your heart." The walls are stand high and mighty. I decided to put the walls up again. This time, it's just up. No overthinking. No assuming. It is just there up and strong, hopefully.

This is just another one of those days, wait until he gets tired or bored or just find someone else to flirt around and won't dare hurt his pride nor his ego.

I am a handful to handle.
I have my own opinions and views.
I have a vast array of interests.
I have a lot of questions.
I have a family to love.
I have an amazing family and circle of friends to protect from negativities of life.
I have students to teach.
I have an unclear career path to work on.
I have hormonal imbalance and emotional issues to deal with. 

I acknowledge the idea that I am in need of a partner, a man, please take note of that. Aside from getting a mind-blowing orgasm, why am in need of a man, knowing that I can survive on my own?

My damsel-in-distress side is waiting to be triggered.

As far as I know, I am not difficult to convince. I am very much open to reasons and explanations. So, let's see when this anecdote will end.

I can't wait to say:
"I told you so."


  1. May naitanim na naman akong idea sayo. Bad influence talaga ako. Hindi magtatagal magiging venerable virgin ka na rin tulad ko. hahaha!

    I think it's fine naman to expand your circle of male acquaintances (that sounded like an advice to widen the roster of boy-toys!), minus slutty elements. For the sake of friendship and having many prospects na din, di ba?

    But I am no expert on this field and i really can't give any good advice, except my moral support and sympathy. We're both in that status. I know we can get through this. Singles unite! Time to get laid! LOL!

    1. Kelan ba to? Kulayan na ang drawing! HAHAHA

  2. The "Short" story that we had, is the story i will always be treasure, i might not remember all but i do feel how important it is. Its my brain that forgot those memory but my heart never was.
    I am trying to remember all but nothing is coming in my mind and it is so so hard for me.
    That's why when i saw your blog with title "Paglisan", i felt it deep inside my heart.
    For what ever i had done with you, for hurting your feeling, I am very sorry.
    As you have mentioned from your other blog that I got into relationship in 2013, I'm not sure if that's correct what i do remember in my life is that i got gf only in 2014.

    Now memories is starting to appear in my mind, i just remember how we are chatting in mirc. The feeling i am always excited to chat with you....

    Sensya ka na sa pgbabalik tanaw ko...

    1. Go lang s pagbabalik-tanaw, dami mong time eh. LOL. Ako kasi, may selective amnesia, may selective memory din. It takes a lot of effort to do so.


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