My greatest fear is to reach the point of "wala na akong pakialam"

In a shared post, a friend posted a comment asking why I "hate" the current PH administration.

"Hate" is such an intense word to describe my view of the current PH administration. But I guess, that's how the society is being shaped-- quick judgments, information avalanche, rampant bullying, lack of soft skills, imbued fear and ultimately, indifference.

My greatest fear is to reach the point of "wala na akong pakialam", so I try to speak up my thoughts. Of course, my opinions may not be agreeable to most but would definitely be open for other's criticisms. I would like to believe, that the people who would criticize and take time to notice, are people who care and who think. Speaking up my mind is my way of saying that I care for the Philippines, my home.

Our greatest critics should be the ones close to us, who care about us.

It's hard where to start in everything that's going on:

People are forced to take sides, the jubilation in smart-shaming people who are brave enough to speak out their minds, putting more value in instant gratification than long term benefits, and the choice of leaving instead of standing up for the many, there's just a lot to look into and these are just a few.

For now, the only thing I can do: "to question things". Tough love. I don't want that reach the point of indifference. Coz, if I stop caring, I stop thinking, then I would stop learning.

Also, I don't want my future kids to grow in a society where there are no more good Filipino values, because the turn of events in the Philippine society right now is paving a landscape full of disrespect, lack of deep thinking, lack of diplomacy, intense struggle for power and survival and LACK OF LOVE and EMPATHY.

I hope, next time, people would see things that way. That we say something disapproving not because we "hate" but because we would like to understand, that maybe, there is a better way of doing things together. That maybe, we just need to put our phones down, disconnect from the cyberworld for a while and reconnect to our values through real, personal and deeper conversations.

I miss the deep, dreamy conversations I used to have with my friends back home.


  1. Wag kang mapagod mangialam. Baka magulat na lang tayo isang araw nakabusal na tayong lahat. :)

  2. Sabi nga nila don't judge the book by its cover.
    Marami nga dyan mga disente, mababait pg kaharap ang media pero ang tanong, meron ba talaga sila malasakit sa ating bansa?
    Yung umuwi ako last year, nakita ko ang pgbabago sa ating bansa, sa sitwasyon ng ating bansa, kylangan natin ng kamay na bakal kasi tayong mga pilipino matitigas ang ulo.
    I hope nauunawaan mo ang sinasabi ko, ng wwork ka na abroad and makikita mo ang difference ng pinoy sa ibang bansa.


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