Why I Write 6.0

It's another January and I realized that I have been writing about my thoughts, my "kababawans", "kadramahan", my grateful moments and my crazy thoughts for almost 6 years now!  More or less 20% of my entire life in writing by me. Well, definitely still less than 20% of my life documented since I didn't really take time to write every single day. But the significant ones, the emotionally- heavy days and nights were written.

I started writing as an outlet for my sadness, holding on wishes and attempts on growing up. Life had been a roller coaster ride of words woven together, allowing other people to take a peak on what's going in my head and in my life.

The title page had been changed from "saturdaythoughts" to "mimingthoughts" as I had failed to keep the Saturday ritual of writing. Changing it to the present name didn't really take a lot of consideration, I just wanna keep the "cat" vibe in it-- sensitive, chill, sweet and cute. LOL.

My writings are for myself but it feels good when people take time to read and drop a comment. Through this, I had gained friends, I consider life-long friends and I continually have cyber connection with the rest.

I want to make more meaning with writing this time. Not for myself, but for others. As to how I would do that, I would still need to figure that out.

But of course, I will continue to write for myself. It is my therapy. It is my safe haven. It gives me that chance to calm down, listen to the ticking of the keyboard, or as I scribble notes on my notebook for later's composition. I will continue to sing and do one-shot recordings of my current fave songs and post them on youtube too! LOL. I will continue doing so. So that someday, I have something to remember. There is something to remember about me.

As my 2018 hashtag says it all #MeowAdventuresContinue2018.

Happy Year 6 my Mimingthoughts!


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