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Another friend got married today and their SDE video is just so amazing and full of genuine love. I cried while watching it. I cried because of overwhelming happiness and coz I know that theirs is a union really made out of love.

I can only wish for the same for myself.

My 31-year old heart is about to give up. Well, every time I get hurt, I am always on the verge of giving up but deep inside me, I still wish for one true love that would last me a lifetime. That someone whom I would share silly thoughts with, have arguments with, raise kids with and give back to the community at the same time.

DearBoyfriend, I deleted the “Future” in it. I am claiming your existence wherever you are right now, sorry I haven’t written you a letter yet this year and last year too. It has just been quite a roller coaster ride.


  1. So boyfie naman, tagal mag reply eh. How insensitive. hahaha!


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