Are you happy?

365 QOTD

Are you happy?

Trick question. There many things in my life that I am thankful for. Nonetheless, there is always a portion for a “but….”

I am happy to have a loving family and great set of friends but I wish I can give more to them.
I am happy to have a job, but I hope to get to teach in a real classroom setting soon.
I am happy to be single but I hope to find someone to talk to about my day, argue about things and just be in full surrender and be weak and meek.

Monday was quite busy.....

Pancake and strawberry banana milkshake for breakfast
Paperworks at Tully’s before work with Yoghurt and Acaiberry Shake
I grabbed onigiri before noon time. (Woohoo RICE!)
Worked on decorating the new branch of the school.
A back-to-back class in preparation for the student’s business trip to Vietnam.
Helped Tita pack her stuff for her flight to Manila. She was kind enough to carry my old phone for my sister.

Monday flew so fast. Way so fast. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am still on the outline of my paper due on Sunday. The other one is almost finished though.

Oh well, it’s gonna be a new day. Little steps. Little steps.

As that Milo commercial would always say….. “Great things start from small beginnings.”

Going back to the question, are you happy? ......

I am thankful for everything. For the feeling of sadness that makes me appreciate all the happy moments in my life. For the feeling of lackness that makes me appreciate the good things in my life. For the feeling of belongingness that makes me realize that I have to contribute. For the feeling gratefulness that makes me realize that happiness is but a part of my being, not the ultimate goal. 

Strive to be happy- Desiderata. 


  1. I can be happy. But my job is really sucking out all the happiness left in my life. It has changed me. Now, I will find happiness if I can burn down my workplace and my boss together. Anyway, push pa more!!!


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