Emote lang 10 March 2018

While taking a break from reading and writing last Thursday, I took time to watch my bestfriend's posted SDE Wedding video. He got married last January 21. I missed it because...... LIFE. And so, I watched it again today.

I'm happy to see my bestfriend happy and in love. Before I left for Japan, he took me out for dinner and talked about his fiancee, their long term plans, wedding jitters and every thing else. We also took time to go down the memory lane, how our decade of friendship had started and had survived mishaps of misunderstandings and drunkenness.

I've seen how messed up he becomes when it comes to ladies in his life, I've seen him struggle quitting smoking, I've met his ex-girlfriend and we became friends after they broke up. I've seen him strive and grow in his career and personal goals. Would definitely say he was once an eligible bachelor and the fiancee was just so lucky to get him onboard.

I remember him giving me a pack of condom a few years ago, saying that I could use it in case of emergency, eventhough he knew that the chances of using it for my consumption is very low. He had been one of the avid users of online dating app Tinder, as that is where he and his wife first met many years ago. By the way, we met through an online chat platform 10 years ago and since then, we had became friends. On our first meet up, I remember him touring me around University of the Philippines Diliman coz I told him that it was my dream university, though I passed, I wasn't able to choose because..... MONEY. I went to a a regional state university instead.

When I had a boyfriend, we suddenly stopped communicating because...... REASONS. But I remember one time insisting to get together so he can get to know the guy. That never happened.
Our friendship is an extension of family. We had never really seen each other in a more intimate manner, no lustful desires (or so I thought) on my end for him. We've slept on the same bed a few times, even crashed on his parents' bed because....... DRUNK. Those were my embarrassing moments that only him had seen and I would definitely shrink in shame if he starts narrating it all over again. HAHAHA.

I'm happy to see my bestfriend happy and in love. I wish I was there to witness it all. 

It was such a fairytale kind of wedding, and their journey to happily ever after has begun. Now, I watch from afar.


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