The Kiss

My phone battery juice is at 10%.
I decided to just stay at the coffeeshop to wait for him.
He said he needed more time to do something. I took that as a sign that he won’t come and I just have to finish my readings then head home.

He said he is on his way.
Battery juice at 3%.
10mins. 15mins. I turned and as I was about to pick up my bag and head home, there he was. The handsome face. I had seen it again. I thought I will never see it again.

He saw me as well and walked towards me.
I was smiling though I really felt tired already after a day’s work and reading and answering forum discussions for almost 1.5 hours. He stood in front of me, lowered his head and kissed me, it landed on my left cheek, very close to my lips. We were standing in the middle of a bookstore next to the coffee shop with a very few people around. The guy sitting next to me obviously saw the whole scene.

For a Japanese guy, his ways aren't totally that of a local.

He looks like the man from the romance stories I read for guilty pleasure- chiseled, clean-shaven face, clean-cut hair, broad shoulders and chest, tall and confident.

We sat on a table, next to each other. He noticed me folding my arms in front me, as if I am closing/protecting myself as I talk. He asked if I were aware. I said, “I think, I am.” I just can’t help it. He asked if I knew what it meant and why I do such. In my head, I know that I am protecting myself from him and that physical attraction I am feeling.

He held my hand and kissed me. This time it’s deep. This time, I let go. I didn’t stop myself, nor him. I didn’t put any logic to it. Just gave into the moment.

It was surreal. Being kissed again. Me, being kissed by Prince Charming.

Then, it’s time to go.

He will fly back to Germany and I will stay in Miyazaki.
When he comes back, I will most likely still be here.

There is no story to tell, only a moment to write about. There is an uncertain future to look forward to  yet always full of surprises.