his optimism is just so contagious

“Let’s look forward to that.” He said.

He had no idea how upon reading that, my heart skipped a bit. And he will never know coz I will never tell, unless gets to read this which I am afraid he has no idea of.

For a stoic kind of life I had recently decided to embrace, his optimism is just so contagious that a part of my brain is saying that I am very much willing to be optimistic again with him.

Who knows if that day will ever come... 
Until that day AND even if it doesn't, I am…

Burying myself in books.
Waking up early.
Keeping myself active.
Drowning in coffee.
Occupying my time with work.
Practicing to listen and speak another language.
Learning the art of stocks trading.
Listing my daily expenses.
Letting my friends introduced me to people around.
Never getting tired of getting amazed with this culture.
Being forever grateful.

As much as our constant correspondence is keeping my days inspired and hopeful, I remind myself to just send that message and go on with my life. I am still waiting for time to reveal if my Prince Charming is real.


  1. lakas maka-disney princess hehehe :)
    kamusta cher kat? i hope you are doin' great!

    1. So far, doing great!! Basa lang nang basa, tapos try nang try magsulat for schooling, pero kulang pa rin sa oras at lakas! Keeping myself occupied with many activities, para happy, happy lang :)

      Ikaw, kumusta ka na? I hope you're having a great vacay as well!


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