Can't you just send me my Dear Future Boyfriend


My college classmates and I were able to have a bit of a catch up moment today. And that screencap is the highlight. LOL.

I am not single by choice. I am single just because.... Okay... Maybe, I tend to like a guy who doesn't really like me back, and in the end, I am single. So, I therefore conclude, I am single because I don't know how to make the right choices? HAHAHA.

I had gotten tired of answering people's questions about why I am where I am at right now just because I can't figure it out myself. Of the very few trial and errors I've had,  I haven't figure out what's wrong, what's the best strategy to take next time, when is the best timing and everything else.

After all, the best things happen unexpectedly.

Just like I can't hold my giddiness and happiness whenever I unexpectedly receive a message from my crush. HAHAHA. What more if he gives me a call again? Hayst. My heart will probably faint. LOL. But I can't because that means I won't be able to talk to him again, right? I will just have to act normal. Oh well, I will try :P

I don't even know if it will ever happen again. OH LIFE. Can't you just send me my Dear Future Boyfriend and have him as my Present Boyfriend so that I can stop fantasizing on some other guy. HAHA.

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