How much money is in your wallet right now?

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How much money is in your wallet right now?

More or less than ¥3500~
I am not really used to putting big amounts of cash in my wallet. Usually, once I get paid, I withdraw a certain amount I need, transfer another to my personal bank account, then clip some bills for the next week (complete with the label).

I still list down the expenses I have on a daily basis. If I lose my Starbucks planner, the finder will just see a list of expenses on it. LOL.


Second day.

I was craving for pancake early this morning. So, I decided to treat myself with good breakfast set at Kyushu Pancake Cafe. I can't remember the last time I gave myself a nice treat of a meal in a good restaurant.

Four classes today and the day went by swiftly.
Apart from bodily pains caused by fatigue (I went to work the next day after my trip back to JP), I really had the 12th of May scheduled for rest and review for my last exam for this semester. Though, I think I had already made a good amount of reading and writing for this subject, I still did a quick skimming of the module.

Tomorrow, after an hour of online class, I will take the exam and then, officially close the second semester of AY 2017-2018. It is now time to finalize my 7-week plan for the Pera-Pera Nihonggo Project which begins on Monday and ends on July 1st.

Periods of the month make me irrationally emotional. Clinging to that romanticist in me that I keep suppressing coz it hasn't really been helpful for me. But hormonal imbalance triggers the longing and the emptiness I am trying to ignore.

Would have been great if I can just tell this to someone, right?

There are times that I tell myself to just install and launch online dating apps since I have been having a lot of success stories from friends and co-millenials about it. But I have to remind myself that they are in Manila and I am in Japan. There is a big difference in the communication part of it all. S, I'd rather not waste a year into it again.

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  1. Di ko alam. Pero nasaktan ako sa tanong na 'to. HAHAHAH


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