What are you waiting for?

365 QOTD

What are you waiting for?

Hmm.... A message from MY Prince Charming. LOL. Whoever he is.

Yeah, every day I wait for you. Every day, I try to my best be a good person, so that when we meet, I am good and ready for you.


Saturday seemed to have flown so slow.

Family video chat happened very early in the morning instead of the usual Saturday night  because they said they will be busy in the evening and might not have time to chat with me.

Other than the regular family cyber chat, I look forward to weekends because I get to meet my favorite class and I get to be with my friends after work and have fun while learning English.

Today, though there were only 4 people, 3 were regulars and 1 is new in the group. He is my friend's co-worker and had left to work abroad a few years back and now trying to brush up his English conversation. As expected, since all are professionals, we had a great time with the class and during the izakaya time as well. Hopefully, we still get to see him next sessions as long as he stays in Miyazaki.

Tomorrow is a my first trip to Okinawa and I am so excited. So after this, I am gonna pack my bag and dry my hair and then sleep and take the 7:06 AM train to the airport :)