Why was today unique?

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Why was today unique?

Today is unique because it's a day of celebration.
Of Motherhood, friendship and healthy living.


I woke up early today in preparation for my online job and final exam for LLE 204. I took a bath, had instant coffee and tried to have cream cheese on top of skyflakes topped with tomatoes and lettuce strips, but I ended up having peanut butter instead coz it took me almost forever to open up the bottle.

After applying all the Physics concepts that I knew, I gave up on this bottle and tried to open it up again in the evening. It opened! But I no longer was craving for the sweet salty taste and so, I will just have it again tomorrow.

It's Mother's Day but since my sibs are out of town, there was no way I can greet my mom plus we had greeted her a week earlier when I surprised them of my quick homecoming.


I went back to sleep and woke up to the sound of vibrating phone coz of my little niece in OZ sending photos of her day and her 1-month old baby brother.

Since it was past 2pm, I decided to ring L and confirm about her social media post of her pregnancy and so I have a reason to get up from bed and eat something. L and her husband had been trying for awhile now and this great news exactly on Mother's Day and an advance bday for her is so awesome.

Carbo-loading on a Sunday afternoon.

She had to leave for home and so I decided to go to the mall. Of course, the spendthrift that I am, I only got myself a couple of blouses that were on sale and a few necessities in Daiso then I hopped into the bus and went home. I was tempted to buy something in Tsutaya but I told myself that I would just check Amazon for a new book.

While on my way home, I thought of making fruit/vegetable juice and so I did. It was slow and a bit of handful to do since the blender I got isn't really a powerful but I was able to get a decent tasting Cucumber Juice for the night. 

Trying out. Cucumber, ginger, lemon and apple. I will do it again and again :)

While fixing the papers I had accumulated for this semester, I was watching a movie entitled Secret Millionaire and I realized how fond I am to such stories and other hopeless romantic ideas.

I was thinking of organizing my Japanese learning materials but I am enjoying this bumming and so I will put it off for early morning.

It has been a great, calm and productive Sunday.

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