Early Saturday Musings

I wonder what happened?
A few years back, I would always be glued to the internet checking out cheap flights, reading blogs about travels and just looking into where my next local destination for the weekend will be and thinking of ways how I could spend the meager budget and the limited I had.

Then, weekends would just fly by-- I had gone local places, camped out at some hidden cove, climbed mountains, done outreach programs, took beautiful photos and just made stories. It was such a life full of rush and sometimes frustrations because I wanted to do more, I wanted to go more places but then my wallet would slap me and I woke up into reality again.

Now, I am place where I can weave out good stories, a bit more flexible budget, but not really that much and a good amount of time to not rush to get things done, but I still do sometimes. It is quieter, calmer, not really static, but I had limited myself of places I could go when the truth is, I can now go farther places. I wonder what happened to me?

Slowed Down
I guess when you don’t have someone to share the rush with, you get to slow down. Here, I chose to slow down and get more long-term goals started with. When procrastination tries to get the best out of me, then, I get to feel the rush. LOL. But it’s not like the rush of catching the first bus, the sunrise or the sunset or any delightful things to get done. It is the kind of rush that if I keep making things that way, I get half-baked written outputs and research paper. It is just not meant to be rushed.

Calmed Down
Back then, though I could always say that I used to work in a multinational setting, moving here is still a way different kind of working in a culturally-different environment. It isn’t diverse. I am at a new working environment which tends to work in favor of a single culture. It takes a lot of effort to understand and to be understood and tons of humility to get through with daily life. Working on that is way more difficult that my real job done.

I woke up this morning just wondering where have all that excited-and-full-of-life-feeling inside of me had all gone. Then, I smiled to myself. It is still here. Inside of me. Just being more selective but continually seeking for adventure.