What is the last book you’ve read?

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What is the last book you’ve read?

I am still reading Sapiens. Booo. I started it in March and it’s June now. BOOO. I have Batman Philosophy on the way via Amazon too. But I wanted to read A Universe in A Nutshell by Stephen Hawking too before I read A Brief History of Time. Hayst. I thought I will have time to read this school vacation but it seems that the Japanese language test reviewing took most of my time. Oh well.

A life coach once said that in our lifetime, we need to have at least 150 books to read again and again. I think, I am not yet even halfway that. But I really can’t recall most of the books I’ve read in the past unless otherwise I get to see a passage that would send a trigger of memory for me to recall how the content of such book made me feel. How it changed me and how I carry it with me. Yes, I take book quotes, heartily. Even movie quotes.

Today, I cooked breakfast and packed a very light lunch. I have been wanting to make a legit obento, but since I am not eating rice a lot, I am still thinking of alternative ways as to what I want to have in my obento box. HEHE. (Excuses of a lazy old lady)

Lately, I have been feeling the signs of aging in my face. The fine lines underneath my eyes and the dark circles with it. Thirties is great but it would probably greater to share it with someone, right? Until then, I will just keep saying “thank you” whenever people say that I look younger than my real age.

I want to write something dating and meeting people but I realize that I haven’t been meeting a lot of people and so, I am still trying to figure out my points to ponder for that write up. Until then, as we call it in Filipino, it’s a “drawing”. Not even a draft.

PH Stock market is down. I haven’t opened my portfolio in a month, and I think I will just keep it that way for now. I received a very small amount of dividend last week which then becomes a buying capital but I haven’t decided yet if I will clear my portfolio and sell everything then buy new sets of stocks of if I will just add more of those down prices now for later selling. Nuninuninuni…. (I am thinking as if I really have a big capital out in the market. LOL)

I work 5 days straight this week and I am not used to it anymore. I just can’t for that Sunday off again.

Ooopps. Time’s up. Complaint list full for now.


  1. I'm reading Men Without Women by Murakami.

    Regarding reading at least 150 books again and again, the bible is 66 books. I'm on my third reading. Pero madami pa rin akong binabasa ng paulit-ulit.

  2. Interesting ang mga books mo cher Kat :)

    At bakit ang hirap talagang maglaan ng oras sa pagbabasa? Lalo na dahil sa work; akala ko nung bakasyon makakabasa ako ng marami pero hindi rin, nahiya na ako sa mga libro ko, inaalikabok na sila. Ayokong maging hoarder lang ng libro lol


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