A Thousand Topples and One Good Ride.

365 QOTD

A funny thing happened on the way to _______________.

….. on the way to Surf City. I decided the sunrise yoga so I had to take the first train then walk my way to the yoga studio. I walked by the beach side and along the shore I saw a Caucasian guy in his trunks and wearing goggles, wave at my direction. Thinking that he was trying to catch my attention, I waved back. Later did I realize that his companion was behind me, waving back at him. His companion was another guy. So, I thought, even in Japan, “di na ko nilubayan ng sangkabaklaan. LOL.”

A Thousand Topples and One Good Ride.
            That’s how I would describe today’s attempt on self-learning surfing. It was gloomy all day and the waves were good for beginners until a little later in the afternoon. At first, it took awhile for good waves to appear, I wish I actually had a camera coz the bunch of surfers lined up waiting for a good wave was quite a good sight. The thing about the waves were, there will be small waves, then later on, there will be a surge of bigger waves that for a beginner like me who doesn’t know how to estimate distances and paddling strength just yet, there were more failures, going underneath the board, a few bruises on my legs as I got hit by the edge of the board, I think the worst today, was me biting my own lips that it almost bled. (Just because of so much “gigil” in the moment.)
            When the waves started to get bigger and coming in quickly in lesser interval of times, I really felt that tinge of fear and all I can do was just hold onto my longboard which then still gets upturned and me being overthrown from it as well. I wish there is someone I can really talk to about it but I am still having a hard time talking to people in Japanese, moreso in technical terms, but I will get there. For the meantime,  I am learning at my own pace.
            Before that, I did the sunrise yoga. Next week, I will try to join two sessions. The early morning one and that of the afterlunch session.
            Coming home, I did the laundry and took a nap. Woke up craving for cheese burger and my rationality lost and ended up walking my way to McDonalds to order double cheeseburger, sundae, coke zero and french fries. I could never be happier.
            Passed by Seria to buy some kitchen stuff. Went home and played a few songs in the guitar. Then, I remember that I need to do a recording for a demo tape of my friend’s original song, so I did another recording using GarageBand and then tried to also make a slideshow of photos in iMovie.   
            The plan of studying Japanese never transpired and I really need to get back to it if I want to get into that level I need. Tomorrow, I need to sort out my reviewers and then, really push myself to read, practice and study harder.