Dear Kardo

                                         Dear Kardo,

It's been awhile since we had taken care of a pet dog. Mama had been so hesitant because of the troubles from the last ones we had. So, we weren't really pushing for it. Nor prepared for such. Then, you were brought home, as a forced gift from a family friend because they cannot take care of you anymore. A crossbred dog of a shitzu and an aspin, and you were the cutest. You captured the hearts of everyone at home as soon as you landed in our little kubo's doorstep.

You just have no idea how much joy you had brought to our little home.

I'm sorry if we had been so ignorant about how to really take care of you. We were a bit excited to show you the world. My little sister had so much fun seeing you jump and run and go around the park. How friendly you were. How approachable you had been.

I'm so sorry. We're so sorry.

It breaks my heart to think about the pain you had to go through but now, you are rested and hopefully, you are happily wagging your tail in the Dog Heaven.

I am so thankful for you, Dear Kardo. Thank you for binding us, sisters, stronger and closer. Thank you for being my mom's company in the kitchen in the mornings. My father's toy and my younger brother's annoying buddy.

It was such a very short bond. But it is so strong that it breaks my heart, our hearts. Our tears poured endlessly and we will be waking up tomorrow without you and your little warm paws.

Next time, when we are ready to take care of a pet dog again, we promise to be more responsible.
Thank you and I love you, Kardo.

I was really ready to spend my savings until you get better. But you chose for all of us not to suffer.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. May you find new love in your new heavenly place.



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