Seen-zoned Violation

This is one of those mornings that I am not so proud of myself. But wouldn't want to feel disappointed of mysef, too. (Anuberrr.. San na lang ba ko lulugar?! LOL.)

I left the dishes dirty, the bed just half-made, I am just not really myself today.

Then, I just really had to go on with the day.
Ate breakfast, dressed up, rode that bus, had to go on with the day, and so I did.

Ended the day with another shopping spree and dinner with okonomiyaki and yakisoba and gulped down a cold glass of high ball.

With the day's conversations and interactions, I realized that no matter how we try to establish good connection woth others, there will always be that moment the other party would note as a point that needs improvement. Just because they sent you a message, they expect you to respond right away. Seen-zoned has become rude and delayed responses is unacceptable.

It goes to show that this society and technology indeed want us to be glued to the system, be manipulated, surrendering our freedom, eventually, losing ourselves.

I do not want to lose myself.

So please, if I had seem to have not responded to a message right away just because you need me to answer right away, then might as well call me.

If I don't respond or even send an emoticon for a statement you sent, just means that I have read but had no appropriate reply at the moment. Or I simply forgot to reply.

If I missed saying Thank you, I would appreciate if you would remind me to do so.


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