Life as of 7 Aug 2019

A week at the gym and loving it.

I haven't been doing anything that can be considered hard workout but I do love the feeling of sweating and being able to learn how to dance. HAHA. If ever I don't get to reach the kind of body that I like, at least I would be able to say that I tried learning how to dance.

Days are slow. Funds are slowly running out. Stocks dropped. Feelings are still erratic. I am going to be a year older again.

Still, grateful for the constants and the possibilities.

I am having some challenges at work but none of it matters when I am with the kids. I am having very low motivation preparing lessons, and been having some communication misunderstandings with the owner and her husband had been very patient to make sure that both point of views are heard and priorities are straightened out. 

I really need to get back to studying. A week from time next week and hopefully I can get started with at least 2 more subjects, halfway with what I have, record some cover songs, update online CVs, write more, gym daily and (bumble date?) (Maybe?) 🤪

Nah. I'll just double the hour at the gym. Hahahaha. 


  1. Nakaka-relate ako dyan sa work out na yan; pero di pa rin naman ako nag-gym, stretching lang ganyan sa umaga :) Sabi ko kay mudra, parang tumataba na ako, then sabi niya ganun daw talaga pag umabot na ng trenta! hahaha. Sensya, na cher kat, may-i-share pa ako dito sa crib mo.

    Have a great life! :)

    1. Cher Jep!!! anuberrrrrr :D Share lang nang share! Salamat sa pagdalaw. Nakakatuwa pa rin palang makita na may nagbabasa ng mga ka-emohan ko sa buhay. hahahahahahaha...


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