Keeping the cycle going.

I passed the test.

I sent the message to our family group chat. I couldn't hide my excitement. I even cried for having that overflowing joy in my heart. I completely ignoring the upcoming, painstaking moments I will need to survive during the next 18-month journey. 

I passed the exam. 
That exam that it took me next-to-never to take, schedule and adjust. 
That exam that costed me a same-day flight back home because I had gone to the wrong airport on my way home from Osaka. 
That exam that will open that door of crazy days, writer's block moments, and procrastinating hours.

This academic endeavour will definitely keep my heart beating.

I just remembered Dominique Francon in the book, The Fountainhead, she had a moment in her life that she chose to just keep going eventhough it seems like she is already dead, still she kept moving forward. She found her purpose in suffering and in the end, the circumstances brought her peace by choice and then to the eventual union with her true love, Howard Roark.

I have no Howard Roark, I am probably that person. I have no idea.

For the meantime, this chapter has come to a full circle.

I am so grateful that I had pushed for this battle and won the first round. The next 18 months is expected to be tough and challenging, and keeping my eye on the goal, will hopefully, lead me to the kind of life I imagine it to be.


Next chapter will be another rollercoaster ride and as this is a year of claiming, I am claiming humility in success and perseverance in detours and re-alignment.

No stopping. Just resting.

I still can't stop the tears from flowing every now and then. I am so blessed and amazed by God's grace in my life. 


  1. Congratulations, Kat! I'm excited for your next chapter.


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