What is the prevailing truth about your day?

366 QOTD 

What is the prevailing truth about your day? 

..... that social media is already a part of my life and I am learning how to use it in more meaningful and productive purposes. But Tiktok gets to me before I go to bed and when waiting for the bus on my way home from school. Just like right now, I got distracted for a few minutes with browsing and now I just gotta go back finish it. 

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will get up right away, cook lunch meal and take a quick shower before going out to catch the bus... 

Thursday will always be my favorite day of the seven days in a week. Of course, Sunday is the priority, with Christ and family and fellowship in faith would gather. You just have no idea how much I miss having it in my life. 

I gotta put that in my dreamboard:

A podcasting career
A wedding 
A family of my own
A business
A dog 
A cat 
A car
A house
USA Trip
Europe trip
Australia Trip 

-- just a life that can make a little difference in a very big world. That is all I am working on. 


  1. I have limited my social media use to put more time to things I used to enjoy like reading and writing. But yes, I think social media has been part of our daily lives -both choice and circumstance.


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