The Man Behind the Metaphors

The skies had been dark like a storm is coming. It had been raining the whole night long and when I woke up that day, I had fears that Sir Jonathan can’t come to school anymore due to the heavy downpour.
I opted not to ask for I may just get the dreaded response. I prepared for school. Ate breakfast, brought my laptop since I thought I may just have to stop by a coffee shop after school and finish the item analysis I am doing.

It was very difficult to get a ride. I wish I can afford to buy a car and save myself and my stuff from getting wet and so that I can bring more things to school for experiments and so that I can to all the places I wanna go to and I don’t have to worry about over-packing stuff and I have thought about all of these just because its raining heavily and I have no school bus anymore L

When I arrived, the school seem deserted. No kids nor parents were at the gate. The guard told me that the principal decided to suspend the class lest the heavy rains could make a lot of children and parents stranded anywhere while going to school. So I texted Sir Jonathan that the classes were suspended but he can still come to school should he want to. 

After an hour, the principal retracted the suspension and said the classes are to resume as soon as possible since the national government had announced that there were no class suspension anymore. And I have two students to teach for the day. We just gathered students from other classes and convened in a single room. Children were given different activities in Math and English. 

 Finally, at 9am, I saw the man at the gate, carrying two bags of goodies, biscuits and tamarind for me and pencil sets for my kids! How generous of him, to think that it was our first personal meet up. While leading the way to the corridors, he tells me about some bits and pieces of his vacation, his adventures in downtown Tarlac and the visit to Baguio where he met two bloggers.

Our sharing of stories was cut short because of an emergency meeting. He asked if he could look around and I said yes. After the meeting, I found him in front of the class, teaching the kids with rhyming words! Teacher Jonathan is still at work while on vacation!

Lucky enough, there were only 14 kids  present. I think he was a bit shocked because the boys were a bit unruly, flying airplanes while he was talking in front of the class. Boys who seem to know the answers were shouting and had been wanting to catch his attention to be called to answer.
As he had said, there’s a reason behind the suspension, it was for him not be shocked by their dementor state of being….. hahaha….

He taught them words, draw pictures on the board, played hangman with them and gave them gifts!

Thank you Teacher Jonathan, my kids together with the others sections' kids were just so blessed to experience having a teacher like you even just for a few hours. 

One kid asking me, “Babalik pa po ba sya?” I said, “Naku, hindi ko alam kasi sa malayo sya nagtuturo nang mas maliliit pa sainyo.”

The class were dismissed and we continued our conversations over lunch at Felicity Resto-CafĂ© at Don Antonio, a few blocks away from my house. It was almost past 2pm when we decided that we should part ways and I know that he also has a lot of personal concerns to attend since he was about to go back to Thailand on Tuesday evening. We hugged, I said my thank you again and our goodbyes. Parting ways after a great conversation with someone had always been one thing I’m not good at. 

Teacher Jonathan, I couldn’t thank you enough for taking time to visit me, the kids and for the gifts. Thank you and may you be blessed with great adventures! I had been trying to find words to express my excitement and gratitude towards you but I know in my heart that there can never be enough words. I hope to visit you in Thailand too J

Meeting someone like him  inspires me more to continue what I am doing right now-- writing, teaching and striving to be a good person. All of which are a struggle but as long as I continue being inspired by the likes of him, I know I'll get by. He may be comparing himself to different kinds of things around him, but for me, upon knowing him more, I know I had found a treasure of friendship with him.
Maraming, Maraming Salamat at Hanggang Sa Muli Nating Pagkikita!


To explain further the importance of the SONA to the students, last Friday, I asked them to write a letter to President Pnoy. Some were lost about what to say, others were very excited to ask for something, while others really didn’t care. The letters were collected, sealed in a brown envelope, forwarded to someone who works close to the president  and hopefully will be read by Pnoy.

As I study their letters, their handwritings, I know that I had a lot of work to do with them. From basic literacy, phonics, handwriting, following instructions and comprehension. A lot of work to do, so little time. I had asked a lot of veteran teachers, and my co-fellows regarding their best practices, but I feel like I am still not giving these kids enough remediation for them to be able to keep up and pass grade three.

I didn’t put any caption on the pictures, coz I want to preserve each as it is, not make my story out of them but let the pictures share their own stories. By the end of the year, I wanna look back and see if there will be any improvement.

I honestly need help to expedite their learning. I am in need of tips, books, references, ink, papers, moral support, and a lot of prayers.

If you think you can help me in any way, do not hesitate to let me know. You can send me an email, a message in facebook, twitter, even a prayer for me and these kids will be very much appreciated.

Wake Up Call

I know you have been a little sad lately, been depressed and had been wishing for all other things.

You are on that point again of shutting yourself to the world. You are starting to live the life of a robot again. Wake up, eat, read, go to work and go home, be in front of your computer, keep up with how other people are living their lives that you are on the verge of forgetting to live yours.

All I know, I know that you are disappointed-- with yourself for most part. I have been telling you that you should not be hard on yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard coz we both know that you really cannot work or think under pressure. Things are not turning out as you have framed them in your mind and events are arising beyond your expectation, because you had forgotten that we cannot predict the future.

Remind yourself that everything is a choice. Everything is a matter of perspective—of how you view these things that had been coming your way. You are in the survival mode because you choose to see it that way. You need to look at little things that make your day happy, little stories of success, count blessings that come your way and appreciate wonderful people around you.

You just need a hug and someone to remind you that everything will be alright but if you keep on sulking and sleeping all day, you are missing the opportunity to get all the powerhugs the people around can give you.

Be strong. Be resilient, coz that's who you are.

Life is good. God is generous. Love is overflowing. 

Si Teacher Kat at ang mga iginuhit na larawan tungkol sa "Paborito Kong Teacher"

Nang minsang maubusan ng Enrichment Activity ang klase ko sa kanilang Math subject, minabuti ni Teacher Ja pagawin sila ng seatwork at pinag-drawing sila tungkol sa kanilang paboritong teacher. At eto nga ang resulta at mga nalimbag ko galing sa aking advisory class. 

Kahit hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ganito ang mga paglalarawan nila sakin, walang paglagyan ang kagalakan sa puso ko dahil minsan sa buhay nila naging peborit nila ako :D

Talikogenic si Mam!

Bat may ethpada?! At my putho? 

Kelangan may lapel talaga, ubos ang boses ni Mam kapag wala. 

Ayan, nabibitin pa din pala ang pantalon sakin.... lol

Nasan ang maskels ko sa totoong buhay?! Waaaaa

Walang top si Mam, at putol din ang kamay.

Guma-gown-gown din pag may time.... lol

Yung sipit sa board, bagay pala sa buhok ni Mam. Lol

Walang tatalo sa hairstyle ni Mam dito!

Ramdam kong ginagaya nya ang style ni Mam magdrawing...

May heels talaga ang sho-es ni Mam?!

Very colorful si Mam!

May peborit din si Mam :) Eto ay personal kong natanggap mula sa estudyante. Si Mam mukhang pusa at walang bewang.  Lol

-The End-

Katkat's A-Z!

Binisita ko ang page ni Fiel-Kun at ako ay naki-gaya ng kanyang A-Z list na nakita ko na din noon sa page ni Senyor na galing pala kay Mami Joy :)

Here's mine!

A - Attached or Single?
~ Single. No further explanation your honor.

B - Bestfriends
~  yung dalawang kapatid kong babae, si mama at si God J

C - Cake or Pie
~ Cake po! Caramel Cake! Waaaaa… For now ang aking latest craving ay ang caramel cake ng Estrel’s

D - Day of Choice
~ Saturday. Kasi off and I get to go roadtripping!

E - Essential Items
~ ballpen, notebook, telepono, internet, unan

F - Favorite Color
~ pink at white..

G - Gummibears or Worms
~ Gummibears, sarap lamutakin tapos kakainin.. haha

H - Hometown
~ I was born in Taguig City but consider Albay as my sanctuary. Kapag sobrang stressed na ko sa Kamaynilaan, I hop in a bus and visit my Lola and titas in Tiwi, Albay.

I - Indulgence
~ pangmayamang kape ng Starbuko at CBTL at CDL at Tanduay Ice :D 

J - January or July
~ January, starting anew. Hopeful and Fresh.

K - Kids
~ I didn’t realize I can come to love all 56 of my kids! Ranging from 8-13 years old. 31 boys, 25 girls.

L - Life isn't complete without...
~ my family and Christ.

M - Marriage date
~ Lampas na eh. Dapat nung 12/12/12, so sign ba ito ng single-blessedness?! Oh no!!! haha..

N - Number of brothers and sisters
~ I have two older brothers, one younger brother and two younger sisters. Welcome to our one big happy family!

O - Orange or Apples
~ Apples! Makasalanan kasi ako.. Charot!

P - Phobias
~ Blood, at gory scenes sa movie

Q - Quotes
~ Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (KJV)

R - Reason to smile
~ Simple things and happy thoughts

S - Season of Choice
~ Summer. Kasi walang pasok. More gala. More fun!

T - Tag 5 People
~ Ikaw, ikaw, ikaw, ikaw, ikaw…. Hahaha… kung gusto mo lang naman :P

U - Unknown facts about me
~ eh pag ni-reveal ko, known fact na sya… lol… Pero sige na nga, sign of depression sakin ang tulog nang tulog.

W - Worst habit
~ Manyana Habit.

X - Xray or UltraSound
~ Ultrasound

Y - Your favorite food
~ Chickenjoy + spaghetti ng jollibee
Z - Zodiac Sign
~ Leo, Planet is Sun, Born on the Year of the Tiger….Rawwwwrr!

Diary: Bumpin' on a Rainy Day

I feel like it's my free time.

I'm burdened with a lot of school admin work to do, a lot of forms to fill out and papers to check and what the heck, why am I doing this?! I should be blogging. Lol.

I certainly need a break on the first day of the month. Hehe.

Hello July!

How was the first half of the year?

1. I'm still struggling with what classroom management style to apply to the kids.
2. I'm still having a hard time framing my lesson plans and making visual aids. But thanks to MS Publisher for making my life a bit easy in making posters and banners and lettering stuff.
3. I'm still trying to cope up with a lot of changes in my life.
4. I'm still having a hard time sleeping at night.
5. I'm still hopeful that everything will be alright.
6. I'm still praying every single day that Bee won't totally crash and leave me. I cant replace him yet.
7. I'm still working on creating a daily routine for myself.

Good thing my cousins are around. Being with them and just being inside the car on the weekends for a roadtrip is a great way to just breathe and be away from major stressors. Eventhough I am not a Catholic myself, I had came to acquire my cousins' fascination with old churches, and our latest trip brought us to Liliw, Laguna--the famous Red Brick Church.
Lol. Di pa ako marunong, bago ang lens ni Macky at first time ko magamit dito kaya labo-labo pa.

The heavy rains wasn't able to stop up from going down south. 

Destination: Liliw, Laguna.

There are also giant shoes and sandals every where!

Not just for your foot, but for your entire body as well! 

But this name of a store really caught my attention:

The town would have been a great heritage place to visit. There are still houses made of tisa and other hispanic era edifices.This place surely had very rich history and culture.

Our Laguna trip is not complete without our favorite Kinulob na Itik :)

Last stop was at Sampaloc Lake, but due to the heavy downpour, our planned picnic was cancelled. But we went there anyway. Stopped for probably 30 minutes, then headed back to Manila.