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Thanksgiving Thursday

I'm enjoying this dictation option it makes my life easier. Today is Thanksgiving day and I know I'm not American but since I've worked for an American company for quite a while it's just embodied to me and for some reason I think it's also the reason why I like Thursday as it is this is so full of gratefulness enjoy for the day I guess so.  I can get used to this I just now read about my day and then it's written down by somebody else or by a computer anyway so this morning I woke up at around 730 but I didn't wake up I didn't get up until eight thirtyish. I was able to make a decent breakfast ofEggs sunny side up, bacon and sky flake crackers. I made an early trip to the City Hall for some government papers course had to talk to Jerlyn about some things. After that I made my way to pick up donations from the center.This is where the gratefulness come in, the center offered to extend their help as a drop off center for donations until January 31 next ye

Dictation about the day it had been

As of today I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter account and kept my Instagram but I just really want to be out of the loop but it's honestly very hard so hopefully keeping this blog active and this dictation option available would keep me from scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Today I kept thinking about about someone I care about lately I wanted to send him a message but I didn't really send one until until I decided to give up on my online banking registration dreams and decided to sleep on it and wake up early tomorrow and go to different offices to assist me in setting it up crazy I know but I think we're on a good start hopefully hi anxiety has been attacking me so so so so bad and I don't know tomorrow. So it's 1 o'clock in the morning in before I go to bed I usually plan my day for the next day so tomorrow I will wake up early work on emails forTeacher trainings make my way to the City Hall by bike maybe but I don't really like it

Slow Progress

I told myself I will finish 7 of 7 transcripts to record but I was only able to record 2. I told myself I will send a detailed email but I was only able to send one about rescheduling. I told myself I will write one module but I only got to its title.  It is past bedtime, midnight and just about to call it a day. I have been chasing time, energy and focus for the past months, weeks and days. I've started  on a few things and can't seem to find consitency to continue on many of them and everytime I am about to give up, I tell myself to be patient and to try to do as much as I energy can make me do: a page, a line, a trim, a turn. The smallest effort to make it feel I have moved forward. Then, when I wake tomorrow, I will pick up where I left off. Maybe excited? Exhausted? I dunno yet. The goal remains the same: to finish what I have started, to pick up where I left off.

Big Dreams

Me: Ang laki ng mga pangarap natin madam!  Her: Kailangan meeym para lumaki rin yung sa kanila.  I've never forgotten this and part of a recent conversation with my School Director friend as we coordinate about my practicum goals to be matched with the training needs of the new teachers in our NGO School. But here I am, lingering on this thought yet procrastinating on the tasks that needs to be done. I haven't even sent an email of apology for missing the schedules and the training modules that they are supposed to be working on at the moment. Hayst.  Right after this, I am going to get back to where I left off in the preparations and deadlines.  Big dreams coming into reality is a collection of minute actions built in consistency, patience and persistence.  You got this, Kat. 

To the week that it has been.

Walking under the drizzling night sky as I recall the week that had been.  Totally different from how my usual week would have gone by and I am thankful that I am slowly getting things done. Working on big goals for the past few days and I just feel drained.  As I walk my way back, I had my mini-breakdown moment. It felt better that I could cry, but I also wish that I have somebody to talk to at the moment, but I would rather just keep it as it is. The others just have a lot on their own right now.  I can wish for many things and a person and know that none of them could be granted.  I can always breakdown and cry. There is that 24-hour cycle and then come back functional again the next day.