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Dear future boyfriend, Sobrang pagod ako today, pero dahil ayokong ma-BV, inisip ko na lang yung mga gagawin natin in the future. Eto yung nakakaiyak na pagod. As in. You can only imagine. Hayst. Wag na nga, baka ma-BV ka din. Pag nabasa mo to in the future, malamang eh na-share ko na to sayong blogpage at yun na yung today natin! Hahaha Eto ang mga gagawin natin kapag dumating ka na sa buhay ko: 1. Wine and Cheese Picnic 2. Read. 3. Sleep. 4. Cook for me. 5. Share. 6. Jog. 7. Climb a mountain. 8. Go to church. 9. Fambam. 10. More Sleep. Pagod ako eh :(                                           Di ko na pagsasabayin ang gumawa ng assignment at mag-work at the same time. Promise. Di kinaya ng brainwaves ko. Natapos ko naman yung assignment ko para maka-gimik ako later. Pero di ko na to uulitin. Promise, Books Before Berks/Boys na talaga until maka-graduate. One year na lang to oh! Gawin ko na nga tong series! #DFB Hahaha



Rest vs Escape

I was a total wreck last night. It was a weekend I had been looking forward to but the universe had other plans for it not aligned with that of mine. Anxiety Attack Nesting period at work is something I am not taking lightly. It took me four years to get in and I only have 8 weeks to prove I am worth the post. Though I knew that this looks like a dead-end job, I still took it. I would like to see it as my comfort zone. Even finding a comfort zone is a tedious task. My lolo, my uncle, my tita's father, another tita's father and my uncle's wife, they recently all passed away either by sickness or of old age. School has been stressful as well. What I thought of as easy-breezy study courses turned out to be very very difficult. More than reading, it's the processing of all the information that really chewed up all my brain energy. I should have dropped these subjects or quit just like what I did with that course from another university.  Looking forward

Rain On My Upcoming Parade

Just when I thought I had everything planned out for the weekend, LandoPH arrived and will be staying until early next week as per forecast. Aside from the work part of the day getting back into a more normal and steady state, none of the things ended as planned and I wanna go out and eat ramen, go to a bar take maybe four shots of Petrol then sip lemon and salt on the side then dance night out. In short, I wanna hashtag walwal. Not a good idea. Let me just savor this pending staycation ahead. Eversince, weekend had always been a busy and occupied either by a leisurely activity, chores or simply rest. Yes, there are weekends that I solely dedicate for rest like my brain has been programmed that Saturday and Sunday will be for rest eventhough it's just Wednesday. The cancelled getaway trip for tomorrow is supposed to be my much-awaited visit to the famous Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I had been pushing myself to study hard on free hours in the weekdays because I will be m

Book in the Bag

I always carry a book in my bag. Not that I would be able to read it as assumed but I just find it a good way to spend time while travelling, waiting or just spending time alone and/or in silence. I have a growing collection of epubs in my tablet that's easier to carry around but I still prefer the real thing. Something I could flip pages, hear the slow scratching of pages with each other, the dog ear folds I make whenever I fail to bring along a bookmark with it.  It had been a little while that I had finished reading a book in one-sitting. Times had changed but the love for flipping pages just keeps burning.  My sweet escape. The thing that makes me feel not alone when I am all alone.  This week's book in the bag pick:  How about you? What's this week's pick for you? 


Dear Future Boyfriend, San ka na?  May bagong season na naman ng The Walking Dead! Andami ko nang na-miss kasi antagal mo :( *sniff sniff*  Love,  Yccos