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Slow Down

9:14am I am begging time to go a bit slow but it never seem to notice my plea.   A few more days and August 2015 will come to a close. A lot of things happened. Good and bad. Bad moments, yeah, nevertheless, it's a wonderful life. I am nothing but a grateful soul saved by grace.  Let me try to do a random post about my August 2015. 1st of August:  I said goodbye to my previous company. I almost didn't make it to my flight schedule. Thank goodness for the delay.  Day 1 of Coron Adventure with Cher Jo and Emil had started.  It will always be a favorite getaway in my memory. Aside from the really beautiful Palawan I had came to visit. I also had the chance to be with two amazing persons I have met in the blogworld. I had a cake courtesy of Emil to kickoff my month-long birthday celebration. And cutesy gifts from Cher Jo and lotsa freebies along the way.  6th of August:  First day high at my new job.  8th of August:

Inside Out

Im not a movie buff. I usually just get to watch movies by recommendation or if somebody asks me out. Inside Out is one movie that lingered on me. If you haven't watched, I strongly suggest you take time to do so and let that vulnerable side of you show.  I am writing from what I remember from the day I watched it.  If I were still a grade 3 teacher, I wonder what kind of questions would I ask for the post processing of the movie....  1. What is disgust? Joy? Sadness? Anger? Fear? Disgust? 2. Can you show me the face of somebody feeling joy? Sadness? Disgust? Fear? Anger?  3. Do you think it's right to prevent Sadness from holding any memory balls? Is it right that all the memories we have are happy ones?  4. If you were one of those Emotions, who would you be?  5. Remember when Anger took over the control of the console, did he ever accomplish anything right? Why do you think so?  6. How about Fear? Where do you think Fear is from?  7. Remember Bing Bong, do you have your own

As of Today

As of today, I have 40php total on my 3 bank accounts, around 800php in cash and 4 weeks away from receiving my first paycheck in my new job.  I am very far from what I had dreamt of myself when I reach this age. I seem to haven't moved at all. Compared to my contemporaries who had moved up the ladders, migrated somewhere, settled down and made homes.   It's up and down and up and down then eventually, it will get in steady as I try to remind myself that everything has it's own perfect time.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and then breathe out slowly... As of today, I am on my second week of training for the company I had always wanted to work for. It took me four attempts to get in. And my boss will be the same person who didn't took me in the first time I applied. So, I have this intrinsic motivation that I have to be always at my best.  As of today, I am officially enrolled to a postgraduate course to that prestigious university I had always wanted to study at.

Coron 2015

It's here! I really have no inclination for this kind of art. LOL. But I had fun looking at our photos and stitching those videos. I'd probably do more for more practice in the future. I remember Asiong while doing this, he said it's like Nirvana, I think I understand what he meant by that. I enjoyed doing it. I do it every day a few hours before I sleep ( I actually just stare at the photos most of those times LOL) and having it as the last thing I see before I sleep, I can't help but smile and just feel excited to share with you this adventure. Asiong would have done a super way better editing, I know.. Maybe next time :) :) :) Places Culion Island Lusong Shipwreck Mt. Tapyas Viewdeck CYC Island Resort Twin Lagoons Barracuda Lake Kayangan Lake Siete Pecados Music by: Best Day of My Life by American Authors Good Time by Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

First of August 2015

August 1st welcomed me overwhelmingly. I thought that leaving a company I had worked for only 10 weeks will be somewhat easy and emotionless. I had a pictured it to be a day of a few smiles and goodbyes, that's it. A final email blast to all and then I have a few final errands and then I have a plane to catch later that afternoon for a vacation. As I go back to that day, I hD made a few realizations. 1. If you keep on thinking about something, all the universe conspires. At the start of the shift, I was craving for pizza but since my three friends in the team don't wanna go out, I told myself that I'll just eat pizza on another day. Lo and behold, the boss decided to treat us for lunch! (Because he is also leaving for the US the following Monday)  It felt like a despedida for me too! Aside from the pizza I was craving for, pasta and hot wings and pistachio ice cream were served on our table.  2. We can make friends even at the shortest span of time of bein

Sisid sa Shipwreck

Dahil di pa ko makapagpost ng maayos na kwento tungkol sa latest gala namin ni Cher Jo. Short video clip muna. Kelangan talagang may kaway factor at the end. LOL. I would like to thank my kuya enzo for lending me his gopro for this trip :) :)