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Amidst all the deadlines and paperwork in front of me, I would like to take this time to let it sink into me that someone is leaving and we just had said our goodbyes. We’ve known each other only for two months but the bonds we had formed are undeniably that of a family.  I’ve known him as the tall, thin guy with a very low and thick voice. As the coordinator, he usually is the first person you will see in the morning, writing announcements on the whiteboard, and distributing stuff, making us fall in line to ride the school service at exactly 7:30AM for us not to be late for our 8AM class. He is also a Bicolano, his family lives in Iriga City. He also graduated Summa Cum Laude. I remember one instance, we were all so tired and drained after a day’s teaching for Summer Class in the morning and workshops in the afternoon, he was still all perky and happy that he is. He had never let our negative vibes got into him. He continued with his tasks, alert and positive at all time

After Two Years

May 21, 2013 Dear Kat, How are you doing today? Do you remember the day that you wrote this letter? It is May 21, 2013 in CBTL Convergys at Ayala Avenue, Makati City, around 7pm. You were waiting for 9pm to hit, waiting for your former boss to sign your clearance for you to be able to get your final pay and start paying debts. Can you still remember why you resigned? Oh I sure know you do! You are reading this letter two years later. Quite a drama but Yes, you are to receive this two years after your fellowship with Teach for the Philippines culminates. Thank God, for you are alive and thank goodness you survived every bit of a challenge. I can imagine, you are starting to be teary-eyed as you read on. Probably laughing at the same time as you continue reading this.  It all started on a twitter hashtag, remember? You are a symbol of how powerful social media is as an avenue for advocacy, information dissemination and social change. You signed up, prayed every day, as

10 Years From Now.

I always look forward to this moment that I can just sit in front of my computer and begin typing away my thoughts. It had been awhile that I had reflected on my life. I had been too absorbed by many things that I had simply forgotten to ponder on all of them.  I am currently completing Summer Institute, a two-month program designed to prepare me not just an ordinary teacher, but a transformational teacher. Quite ambitious dare I say. Yes, it is. I am part of a bunch of people who dreams of building a nation of excellence, where no one is left behind.   As I look back on that moment of deciding if this is a job for me, I had set aside that main point of the organization- the social change advocacy-equality in education and opportunity. Makes me think, what am I doing here? I just wanted to be a teacher. Doubts had filled me in if I really can fulfill the bestowed task of transformation. I will not be able to see it soon. As challenge by Wendy Kopp, the CEO of Teach for All, as


Marami akong gustong sabihin sayo pero hindi ko alam kung san ko sisimulan. Pano nga ba? I thought we have something going on. I thought so and I am sorry if I had assumed it wrong. Magkaibigan nga pala tayo.  Akala ko lang talaga, we are gearing towards being more than friends. Magkaibigan nga pala tayo.  Paasa ka, o ako lang talaga ang tangang umasa sa wala? *Deep sigh* I wish you all the happiness. Sa sobrang dami sana nang sasabihin ko sayo, eto na lang nasambit ko, anyway yan naman talaga ang pinakagusto kong sabihin sayo. I hate you.