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Airplanes and Dreams

A few months ago, I had a vision of how this exact this is supposed to be: I will be in Hong Kong for a day and I will spend a day in Disneyland and then I will take another plane the next day that will take me to Malaysia for that Asia Pacific-wide event. But that isn't how it all gone. I am still at the airport though. Bound for Tokyo. More of a birthday treat, reconnection and maybe checking out of my options. Maybe next time, maybe some other time. I will make time. Things are slow, so slow that sometimes I just want to give up and keep myself small and mediocre and unseen. But big dreams come screaming and can't just shut them down. The upcoming dreams aren't design for an Asia Pacific-wide event anymore. It had gone deeper and more in depth in scope, no numerical value can represent and I would rather keep it at that. Taking this trip as a refresher and reset. Returning with more energy for greater hustles to come.

What a weekend it has been.

One of those normal weekends. Well not really usual but if ever these favorite people are around, it then becomes the normal--- sporty mornings, working afternoons and walwal nights.  Just so happy to be back on the sea even just for a few hours and be able to stand on the board and catch waves a few times and ending up with an achy upper back and shoulders. Contemplating on getting my own surfboard. Lol. But being with these two guys, I always feel safe. And I always learn something new and useful in my life.  Had been able to complete a few reports, browse through some readings, check schedules. September is slowly getting filled in even the weekends. October flights are already booked. Getting on with the days as smooth as I could and just really thankful for every opportunity to be of use for the community.  Unplanned night outs aren't usual, so saying yes to one made it really exciting. Loosening up a bit, missed the billiard table and met a bunch of interesting souls.  Oh, I

Who was the first person you saw today?

365 QOTD Who was the first person you saw today? People I know? I saw Aoi when I went to Daiso this afternoon. I was moving my bike to another place when I saw her walking with her friends and I just can't help but hug her because it has really been awhile since I saw her in person and it was a good and quick meet up. ************************* The day went by quick! All I did was a little bit of here and there and I hope to have a little bit of progress in it as well. Starting tomorrow, I will be working further the lesson plans for the Cambodia project. I need to have a draft for editing within the week. I need to pick up the momentum of being able to write again. I was able to answer a practice question for the Comprehensive Exam. But still lacking. I realized that it would be better to read during bed time and get up early and try to answer at least a question while prepping in the morning. On top of that, I also need to self-study basic research as well. I need to

Day 1 of Year 33

It is 830AM JST as I type this away.  I am tempted to stand up and prepare my coffee as the brewing machine had completed its task. But let me work on this first and do more later.  Yesterday's birthday went pretty well.  Woke up early, well not really. Or at least I did but didn't get to start chores til 8AM and finished it around 10AM, tried to write a lesson guide and then spent almost 3 hours at the gym. I always enjoy bath time right over there.  Went home, took a nap. Woke up and did some more writing and tried printing some stuff for next week but the printer was action up so I thought I had to update the OS software and forgot to manually save the file I am working on. Luckily, it was on recovered mode after the update.  Went out to meet someone for the second time and it all went fine. I am just glad to have someone to talk to, he wasn't supposed to know that it was my birthday but my tongue slipped for a bit and talked about the cancelled Harmon


Last night, my friends and I watched the trending movie in the Philippines:  HELLO LOVE GOODBYE I started watching the video in a very light mood, giving side comments and ended up with swollen, red eyes, scattered tissue all over and a runny nose.  - Moving to another country for greener pasture is a combination of faith and courage. As our imaginations play for the good stuff, sometimes, it overshadows the realities that we have to pursue first before anything else.  - It takes a lot of courage to have a picture of what you deserve as a person and also of how much you can give for others. Because with that vision of a better future, you also discover the different paths and challenges that you have to overcome.  - The greatest kind of love is sacrifice. And with letting go comes the ultimate level of trust in the future, that whatever tiny steps you do today leads you to making your dreams come true.  - Keep your eyes on the goal. No matter how many detours,

What is your own favorite physical feature?

365 QOTD What is your own favorite physical feature? Hmmm.. My eyes? Not that they are beautiful but it is a part of me that I know I can't hide nor lie. Or at least, it is a challenge for me to do so.  And I always wish I had better arms and legs. LOL. ****************************** Two glasses of wine and a little tipsy as I type this away and after this, I am going to bed.  The winds and rains outside had been steadily strong for the entire day and it as I have mentioned to someone, typhoon days aren't my best days-- would have been because classes are cancelled, a little cooler weather and just ready to chill at home. But has never been like that.  At some point, I am grateful that this typhoon isn't heading down south to PH because with this intensity and length of time of exposure, I don't know what could be left of PH unscathed and unharmed when it passes.  ****************************** The needy state lingers and I have no way of fighti

Life as of 7 Aug 2019

A week at the gym and loving it. I haven't been doing anything that can be considered hard workout but I do love the feeling of sweating and being able to learn how to dance. HAHA. If ever I don't get to reach the kind of body that I like, at least I would be able to say that I tried learning how to dance. Days are slow. Funds are slowly running out. Stocks dropped. Feelings are still erratic. I am going to be a year older again. Still, grateful for the constants and the possibilities. I am having some challenges at work but none of it matters when I am with the kids. I am having very low motivation preparing lessons, and been having some communication misunderstandings with the owner and her husband had been very patient to make sure that both point of views are heard and priorities are straightened out.  I really need to get back to studying. A week from time next week and hopefully I can get started with at least 2 more subjects, halfway with what I have, record some